Component 28 - Deadly Horizon

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Rushing through the corridors of the prison tower, Ramona was in full flight mode. She ran and turned the first corner and came to witness a brutal scene. Blood covered the floor and walls, and guards lay about, dead and with their throats cut just like Gonzeelda had threatened to do to her. The halfling gulped as she stepped around the bodies. She had gotten tangled up in a web far too deep than her liking.

Crossing the threshold, she ran out a door, whilst checking the pocket of her magically enchanted skirt. The bag containing the broken weapon of power, still sat securely in a spot only she could reach. Without wearing the skirt, no one could reach in—They would feel as if the pocket was sewed closed.

Ramona ran across the outer wall, towards the stairs, when she skidded to a stop and turned to face the horizon. A huge storm was approaching. Winds roared and lightning bolts streaked the sky.

"The Walking God." Ramona gasped.

He had come for Gonzeelda, she knew, and in turn for the magic weapon. If he found Gonzeelda, she'd no doubt point him to her. Ramona knew it was time to make a quick exit from Kendobul, and head to the north.

Ramona reached into her pocket and pulled out the griffin effigy, holding it up she started to speak, but a strong gust of wind took the figure from her palm and out into the town. The thief stared, unblinking for several seconds before finally diving for the edge and peeking over.

The drop was too far, and the effigy could not be seen amidst the buildings below.


Gonzeeda struggled against the tight grasp of the homunculus. He had a chunk of her hair, and pulled her back with all of his might. As much as she wanted to keep her silky hair, it wasn't worth her life. Whipping her dagger behind her head, she sliced right through the locks that restrained her. Her head snapped forward, and the homunculus fell back against the bars.

"I have no time to deal with you!" Gonzeelda snarled at Angon.

She turned back to the hall and went to run, but Angon's legs were long enough, so he tripped her. The orcess cried out and slammed down into the floor, face first. She growled and tried to crawl away but Angon was already standing up.

Gonzeelda scrambled to her feet, but the forge wasn't letting her go that easily. He leaped forward, tackling the desperate woman. Her forehead smacked the stone floor again, washing her over with waves of dizziness.

"Let me go!" She cried. "My Beauty is escaping!"

Angon kneeled over her, pressing her face into the floor.

"I have no idea what that is." Angon said, his rage overflowing. "But your life is forfeit."

"I won't die by your hands!" She hissed.

"You don't have a choice." Angon said, standing and picking her up by her face.

As he squeezed her, Gonzeelda could feel her jaw popping. She knew if she didn't act fast, she was dead.

Gonzeelda enacted one of her natural spells, and her skin ran black, and she fell to the floor, a two dimensional shadow.

Angon looked down, confused. Gonzeelda slid along the floor, making it back to the corner. Still enraged, Angon sprinted after it. He barreled over the dead bodies, and exploded out the door, taking the wooden barrier with him.

The orcess' shadow was sliding across the wall towards the staircase leading down to the center yard.

With a growl, Angon leaped over the side of the wall and landed on the stairs before the shadow.

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