❤︎Chapter 11: Daisuke the Shy Artist

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"Tomomi! Good morning!"

When he hears the cheerful morning chirp of his precious Momoka the next morning, Tomomi turns and spots her jogging toward him while waving an arm. Tomomi felt his heart pound as a grin spread across his face. She drew a lot of attention to herself without meaning to, and he found it quite cute.

She's this excited to see me in the morning? That makes me so happy...

"TO-MO-MIIIII!" Momoka laughs right before she gets close enough to speak with him face to face. Tomomi takes her hand in his almost immediately, watching her cheeks redden in reaction.

"Good morning, Momoka. Are you alright?" He asked in a gentle voice, hoping she wasn't putting on a brave face while she was still hurt. It hurt him even more to think of her smile being forced.

"I'm fine..." She said softly. It was in a way that was convincing enough. She sounded a lot more confident than she had on the phone last night.

"That's good! Shall we head to class...?"



The bell rings as the last few students standing rush to their seats. A hush falls over the class as the teacher heads right into English.

The gentle morning sun warms Tomomi's cheeks as he takes his seat right next to the window. His sigh is a shaky one as his knee bounces up and down. As soon as the teacher starts the lesson, he's restless in his seat, drumming his fingers, stretching his neck muscles, making annoying sounds with his mouth...

Apparently, Momoka had noticed from her spot a few rows down, because her name flashed across his lock screen when he pulled it from his pocket. He reads her message carefully, feeling embarrassed at his loss of composure.

Momoka: Tomomi? Are you alright? You don't have to talk to Daisuke-San, it's alright!

Tomomi: I'm fine. I'm definitely going to speak with him today. I just have nerves. I'm not sure what to expect to say.

Momoka : I don't want you to go through all the trouble, though...

Tomomi: It's not troublesome if its for you. <3

Momoka replies out loud. She makes a squeaking noise that attracts attention from the entire class. Everyone, including Tomomi, turn to glance at her.

Momoka, however, doesn't seem to care. Her hands are pressed over her pink cheeks and her eyes are closed in a giddy smile. She's in her own little world.

"Namida-san!" The teacher waves from her spot in the front of the room, "Na-mi-da-san!"

Tomomi can't help but laugh as he watches everyone attempt to get Momoka's attention. When he thinks back to confronting Daisuke, he no longer feels nervous about how it would go.

With that thought in mind, Daisuke turns around and glances at the shy otaku that has a seat in the class toward the very back of the room. He's currently got his nose in a book, but Tomomi could have sworn he saw him glancing in his direction a couple of times.

Daisuke seems to feel Tomomi's gaze on him, because he's shuddering nervously and adjusting his glasses with shaky hands. For a split second, when he thinks the coast is clear, he glances back up and locks gazes with Tomomi.

He's just staring...

"Hmm..." Tomomi decided to be bold and stare him down. He straightened his posture, narrowing his eyes at Daisuke.

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