Chapter One

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Luna was walking down the corridors at Hogwarts when she spotted Harry sititng on his own beside a tree. She walked over to him gently and in a slow pase.

"Harry" She whispered. "What are you thinking about?"

Harry stood up quickly as if he'd just been broken from a trance and stared at Luna. She was wearing her usual purple trousers and green cardigan, her golden locks fell on her shoulders like a gentle stream.

"Luna, I didn't expect to see you here." Harry muttered. A smile formed from the corner of his lips until it was a full grin.

"I was just visiting Helena Ravenclaw," she spotted his smile and added, "what on earth are you smiling about?"

After realising what he was doing, Harry quickly stopped and began to walk away and down the hill towards Hagrid's house.

Luna didn't understand Harry's strange behaviour and began to follow after him.

"Harry!" she called. But Harry didn't turn around. "Harry!"

Just before reaching Hargrid's door, Luna cried out.

"Harry, you listen to me right now!"

Harry was shocked and robotically turned fully around to face her. Luna was uptempered and her cheeks were now red.

"What is the matter with you Harry?" she asked calmly. The paint of red on her cheeks began to fade.

"Nothing is the matter, Luna." he paused and added. "I just felt like visiting Hagrid."

Harry then turned around and knocked on Hagrid's door three times. Hagrid opened the door and greeted him. As Harry turned around to invite Luna to come inside, Luna was already halfway up the hill going back to the castle.

Luna reached the same spot Harry had been sitting on and sat down. She leaned on the tree and closed her eyes.

After a few moments there was a rumbling sound behind the bushes and Luna woke up. It was a little hare with ears as big as her wand. Luna was fascinated by the little creature. During her time at Hogwarts she had never seen an interesting creature like this before. The vaguely horse-shaped, winged reptilian creatures that are the threshals -which Luna is certainly familiar with- would most definitely fascinate any other wizard at Hogwarts, but the much more 'ordinary' things were just mezmerising to Luna.

As the hare hopped out of sight Luna got to her feet and walked back to the Ravenclaw common room. As she reached the room, she saw Draco Malfoy coming towards her. It was odd to see Draco near the Ravenclaw department, as he usually liked to keep to himself and to his group of people.

"Lovegood." Draco called.

Luna wondered what on earth Draco would want from her. He had never spoken to her before and she wasn't very fond of him either. But as she turned around to reply, Draco had already taken her hand and given her a little envelope.

Before she could say anything or ask about what the envelope was for, Draco had already slid down the stairs and turned a corner.

Luna was dumbfounded about what had just happened and she had completely forgotten about going inside the common room. She sat on the second set of stairs so she wouldn't fall off as the stairs rotated to make different routes.

She gently ran her thumb over the red stamp that closed the envelope, but that was enough to make it float in mid-air and explode in front of her face. Her face was then covered with little insect-like creatures that were crawling up and down her porcelain-like features.

Draco Malfoy then appeared from the corner of where he had just disappeared to and began to laugh. Luna was utterly speechless. Her mouth was agape and her blood boiled with anger.

She didn't understand why Draco would do such a thing. Why would she be the victim of his mischiefs?

And as Luna stared deep into Draco's eyes, Draco's laughter stopped. He stared at her in a similar way Harry had done previously.

He looked at her and Luna could see a small flame of sorry in those mystic eyes. They showed pity instead of pride.

And without any words of apology or any other sound to brake the ice, Draco had dissapeared again down the same corridor.

Luna pursed her lips into a thin line as she accepted his short sincerity and his small moment of shame before muttering a quick spell that turned the little creatures to fade into dust. She then got to her feet and went inside the Ravenclaw common room.

She didn't feel angry at Draco. She accepted his unspoken apology.

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