Chapter 10 A phone call from a "friend"

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It had been almost three days since the little dinner incident. I cringed every time my mind replayed that horrible night. I busied myself around the house with my assigned chores and did extra just to distract myself. I honestly don't know how he handled living with that woman as a child. Suddenly a thought occurred to me as I was washing the dishes.

I set the sparkling plate on the dish rack and leaned against the counter. I furrowed my brow and bit my lip. Where was his father? Why didn't he come to visit with his mother? Surely he had to have a father?

"What are you thinking so hard about?"

I looked up a bit startled and quickly put a small smile on my face, "Nothing in particular."

I couldn't just ask. It was none of my business...

He shook he head and then answered his buzzing phone. "Marcus Declan."

He gave me a quick smile and nodded before leaving the room. I drew out a long needed breath and turned around to finish the dishes. I had really grown accustomed to living in this mansion. I had never felt so at home but I would never admit that out loud.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I quickly dried my hands on the hand towel next to me and answered. "Hello?

"Hello beautiful, It's been awhile." A familiar warm voice replied.

I laughed instantly and gripped the kitchen counter, "Nathan is that you?"

His light hearty laughed made my chest feel tight. It had been so long since I heard his laugh.

Nathan was my best friend in high school. We did almost everything together. I always relied on him, especially when I was having a hard time at home. He was always someone I could lean on. Senior year I started to develop stronger feelings  for Nathan than I should've. I knew he could never love me like that especially since he had a girlfriend.I felt guilty that I distanced myself from him and our friendship really faltered that year. After high school we rarely spoke and he moved over seas to grow his booming business. I haven't heard from him until now so you could imagine my surprise.

"H-how did you get my number?" I felt so shaken up. So many memories of this man were brought back in a heavy flash.

"I just moved back to the states and I just asked around and eventually found your father. Addison, I need to see you. I miss you."

The sound of his voice made me weak. I had loved him for so many years and now he had just popped up out of nowhere. His timing was horrible. I was feeling something I could not describe for Marcus and now he had to show up and make my feelings much more complicated. Not that I minded really. I had missed Nathan's company too.

I think the reason I haven't dated since high school was because I thought I could never feel for anybody as strongly as I felt for Nathan, but then I met Marcus...

Damn! Why do I always fall for guys so out of my league?

I held my breath when I heard the last three words. He missed me? I assumed he had forgotten all about me and had moved on living a life of luxury. The only time I had heard about him was when I caught a glimpse of him on television or in a business magazine. He was almost as rich as Marcus but not quite.

"I miss you too Nathan. I'm sorry for sounding so shocked I just haven't heard your voice in years. How long has it been?"

I heard him chuckle, "About five years."

I shook my head in disbelief. Wow, it's been a long five years.

"So I would like to take you out to dinner tomorrow night if that is fine with you? We have a lot of catching up to do and I'd like to do it as soon as possible."

I nodded quickly but then remembered that he couldn't see me. Silly me..

"O-of course! Where should I meet you and what time?"

"Do you still like Italian because I know an amazing five star restaurant that you would love."

I almost nodded again but quickly replied, "Yes of course. That sounds perfect."

"Great. I will text you the address and time."

I smiled and tugged on a loose strand of hair, "Alright I'll see you tomorrow night then?"

"I'm looking forward to it Addie."

I quickly hung up and felt flushed. Wait, Addie?

I gasped when I felt a warm presence lean against my back, "Who was that?"

I turned around and shoved my phone in my pocket. Marcus was giving me a curious look. I felt my face flush. He had such an affect on me. More than I've ever felt for Nathan and that scared me.

"None of your business."

I turned back around and grabbed onto the already clean dish in the sink and began scrubbing. No way was I going to let him know I was going to go out to eat with Nathan. He would try to stop me or worse... come with me.


I ignored him and continued scrubbing.

"Addison, don't ignore me."

I ignored him.

I was quickly spun around and placed on the counter. A little violently I might add..

The plate fell from my hands onto the floor and shattered. I gasped in surprise and disbelief. "What the hell!"

I was pinned underneath Marcus on the kitchen counter. I swear he has been on top of me in every room in this mansion. I struggled to removed my wrists from his grasp but failed miserably. I could always knee him in the crotch but i'm not that mean.

"Why are you being so secretive Addison?" He was glaring down at me and the tips of his dark hair were tickling my face. Gosh, I sort of wanted to kiss him, but just a little bit..

I glared back and did my best not to smile, "Why are being so nosy?"

He scoffed, "I have a right to know what my personal maid is up too?"

I shoved at him but he was obviously stronger then me. "I'm allowed to have a private life Mr. Declan. I won't be here forever."

His smirk faltered but it was hard to decipher what he was thinking. "Were you talking to a man?"

I frowned and look away, "It's not like that."

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I knew that was Nathan texting me the address. I knew Marcus knew it too because he was looking down where the buzzing was coming from. I went to reach for my phone when he stopped me.

He loosened his grip and pulled me into him. My eyes widened. What was he doing?

"Don't. Don't go tomorrow."

I pulled back and looked up at him with wide eyes, "Were you listening in on my conversation?"

He didn't answer but I could read it all over his face.  "I can't believe you. Why are you so persistent in knowing my every move?"

He closed his eyes and his forehead pinched together as if he were in pain. "Addie, you are so oblivious to so many things."

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and took a step back, "I'm going tomorrow and you can't stop me. You have no right and it shouldn't even bother you."

He grabbed my face in his hands and bent down so he was inches away from mine. "What if I told you a secret?"

I raised an eyebrow and gave him a puzzled look. What was he getting at?

He leaned in closer until our lips brushed for a short moment. "What if I told you I'm in love with you and the thought of you dining with another man would kill me?"

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