Exposed Hoe

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Just kidding all the stripper wanted is money.


Trey had just left for practice and I was watching Rugrats go to Paris imma kid sometimes. Then Precious started crying so I got up and fed her than let her run around and play. The doorbell rang I wasn't expecting anyone today so I got up and got the door what I saw surprised me.

Stripper:Hi I'm here for Trey Burke

Destiny:What bitch?

Stripper:Whoa. He called the club and asked for me to come over and strip for him now are you his maid or something? Wait your Destiny the singer and his wife! I love your music

Destiny:Well imma bout to beat the shit outta your ass.

Stripper:I'm so sorry Sapphire put me up to this!

Destiny:Who the fuck is Sapphire?

Stripper:Some girl who came up to me and asked me to do this.

Destiny:Leave. I'll figure this out.

Destiny slammed the door and walked up to her room and saw she had a few missed calls from Carrie and Prineton. She decided to call Carrie back to see what she needed she didn't need to hear from Jacob and his bullshit.


Destiny:Hey. What's up?

Carrie:Ok so Chris had sex a long one ago with a girl I think her name was Sapphire

She finished the story and Destiny sat there shocked was that the Sapphire the stripper was talking about?

Destiny:I think I know I this Sapphire girl...she's playing a little game.

She told her story to Carrie. Maybe this was the same person they were talking about and they were gonna find out. Once Destiny has her mind set on stuff like that she doesn't for up for nothing.

🌚That night🌚

Princeton came over with his girlfriend Sapphire who no one knew wen Prince was causing this mess. But Destiny thought it was her so she had

Chris and Carrie over with her and Trey. She went to get the door when Prince came and sure enough Sapphire walked in. Chris looked at her but said nothing but Destiny saw him she knew she was the one.

Destiny:So what's your name ol' girl?


Destiny:You're a bitch.


Destiny:Chris isn't she the one that Carrie "saw" on the magazine?



Destiny:*laughs a little* Man and she's the one that sent a stripper over here tryna ruin me and Trey's relationship yea she told me you lying bitch! You're a fucking hoe with aids prolly!!

She just stood there quiet. Everyone stood there quiet not knowing what to say until at the same time Destiny and Carrie punched the shit out of Sapphire. And she blacked out.

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