Chapter 5

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(Helena's POV)

I woke up with a pounding head and my lips felt swollen as if I'm thoroughly kissed. Thoroughly kissed?! Screw you, my dirty mind! I'd never been kissed all my life! I mentally kicked myself for thinking such things and gingerly wiped my lips with my hand. I groaned when I saw my alarm clock and realized that it is already 7:20 in the morning and my class starts at exactly 7 in the am. Damn it. I cursed myself inwardly for missing my alarm. I often get up late even though I set my alarm at 5:00 a.m for some reason I can't explain.

I stood up, showered and got dressed. I wore a Nirvana shirt, ankle length brown skirt and my all time favorite black Chuck Taylor's. I got my backpack and got ready for school.

The hallway is deserted and I frowned. Where are the people in here? I looked out on a window on the hallway and saw my schoolmates walking towards the gym. There must be some kind of a program. I just shrugged and continued walking. I am currently putting my books on my locker when I accidentally overheard two of my schoolmate's conversation.

"My god! Have you have you heard what happened to Santana Lois? She was murdered and dumped on the lake. My god! It was awful. My mamma said her tongue was cut and her feet were cemented to a pail." I heard one of my classmates, Curtney Greene say not so far from me. I burrowed my head on my locker and pretended to search for something.

'Santana Lois? Isn't she the student council secretary and my classmate? Isn't she just here yesterday? Insulting my fashion sense along with her friends. Who could have killed her?' My mind raced with questions.

"And... note this. My mum also said that a zip lock with a note and a lavender stalk was tied around her neck. You know what the note says? For my Darling Helena. Oh I think this have something to do with the freak who is currently listening to our conversation."  her cousin, Catherine, a sophomore, said.

I froze and closed my locker. "What are you talking about?" I asked them.

"A freak like you killed Santana! Poor Anna Kent. Her best friend died at the hands of a freak like you." Curtney said.

My eyes widened and I took a step back.

"I am not the only Helena that lives in Jacksonville." I said defensively.

"Of course you are! Have you met another woman that has the same name as you?" Catherine said accusingly.

I tried to think of another Helena on Jacksonville but I the last Helena that I could think of died 10 years ago with cancer. Mrs. Helena Birkins was 85 when she died and she has no family members left here on Jacksonville so it couldn't possibly be her that was pertained on whatever that note was.

'She could have been killed on other place and was just dumped here, right?' My mind screamed at me. Who would do such thing for me? Santana and her friends might have been real nasty towards me but they never did anything bad to me except for their usual insults and pranks.

"YOU MURDERER!!!!!!" A loud voice echoed throughout the hallway. I turned around and barely saw Anna Kent's hand flying towards my face as she slapped me hard that I almost fell on my butt. "You killed my best friend, you BITCH!" She screamed and tried to claw my face but I stepped back and stared at her in horror. Behind her is Santana Lois's weeping mother who is surrounded by grim faced policemen. Students and teachers are also starting to fill the small hallway. I felt faint, I hate closed areas. And I hated the fact that they are all looking at me and murmuring to themselves.

"Did she really kill Santana?"

"Of course she did. She's a freak."

"She's not just a freak. She's also a psycho."

"She's a sick fuck."

"She should live in a mental asylum."

"I did not kill anyone!" I whispered.

"You are lying! How could you kill my only friend? You're a freak! You should die!!" Anna screamed as tears stream on her cheeks. Her makeup is a mess and her eye liner made her tears look like black mud.

Mrs. Lois looked even more terrible. She is still wearing her nightgown under an old bathrobe and her face is as pale as chalk and her hair looks like it hadn't been combed for days.. Her eyes are puffy with tears and she is shaking with grief but she stood silently as her daughter's best friend accused me of crimes I did not commit.

"Hey! How could you say that Helena murdered your best friend? I don't believe she made a crime. She may be like that... A weirdo but that doesn't mean she's a murderer." Michael said sternly from behind the crowd.

"But what about the note, Mr. President?" Desiree Keets said.

"The note was dedicated to her and that means that she isn't the one who murdered Santana." He argued.

"The question is... Who could be so obsessed with this weirdo freak in here?" Julian drawled and earned a glare from his cousin.

"It could be you, you know." Michael said and smirked at his cousin.

"Or you..." Julian's eyes darkened.

"Ms. Blackthorn. We wish to bring you with us to the station. We wish to talk to you regarding a small note that we found on the victim's body." One of the cops, a slender brunette woman in her thirties smiled at me.

I just nodded and let her lead me out of the school building and into the police car. The cop entered the driver's seat and I was also about to enter too when I felt something sticky, slimy, stinking and red pour over me.

I shrieked. BLOOD. I saw Anna's boyfriend, Ethan Trent, holding an empty bucket and laughing loudly with his friends.

"That's for murdering our friend. Get lost, Freak." He flipped his middle finger at my direction and I felt my knees buckle with shame.

So much... I thought as I ran away, the cop running after me, shouting my name and telling me to be calm. How could I be calm after they did this to me?


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