England x Reader x Romano

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Here this is! Sorry it took so long and sorry if its short ^^' I hope you like it oh- by the way this was requested by 


"My food is perfectly adequate!"

"Your food tastes like rocks and death!"

"Your food is immature and bland!"

"Oh /my/ food is bland?! Think again eyebrows!"

The fight that was going on between England and Romano-  which was originally verbal- just got physical.

A tomato went flying and hit England in the face. The Englishman wiped it off, going red in the face with anger and threw a scone which Romano quickly dodged.

A food fight continued until they were both covered from head to toe in food.

Sighing, you pinched the bridge of your nose. This wasn't going well. "Alright, enough!"

They both freeze, food in their hands and about to throw.

"You both are acting like children. It's ridiculous!" You cross your arms with a huff. "No more."

They drop what was in their hands and look at the ground like scolded children.

"Now apologize to each other." You said firmly

"But-" They both start in unison.

"No buts. Do it."

They sigh and then apologize. 

"Good. Now, lets clean up /my/ kitchen." You said as you grabbed a mop, broom, dustpan, bucket, rag, and then a hand towel.

All three of you cleaned until the kitchen was spotless, which took at least two hours if not more then plopped on the couch

"Both of you are my best friends cannot go on. I've almost had to remodel my kitchen several times." You put your arms around them. "I don't want to choose, but if I have to, I won't choose either of you and choose Ludwig, someone you both can't stand."

They both pout and hug you.

"I love you guys- but don't let little things get in the way and cause fights."

"We love you too _____..." They muttered quietly.

"And I guess it'd be only right to try and get along." England muttered

"Si, it seems only fair." Romano said, even huffing a little.

"Good." You said with a small smile and then yawned, which looked fluffing adorable from their point of view.

"Are you tired love?" England asks softly. You give a nod, rubbing your eyes sleepily

"Come on, lets go." Romano said, standing and holding out his hand which you took.

They guided you to your bedroom and laid you down, you instantly falling asleep.

They smiled down at you. "So wonderful.." England said quietly.

"She is... and she feels so warm." Romano said after he kissed your forehead.

"It's so tempting to lay with her and snuggle.."

"Very. I don't think she'd mind." Romano said as he crawled in beside you, England doing the same on the opposite side. In your sleep you hummed, the warmth coming from them just absolutely amazing.

It was just perfect


Yayyy, another one. I don't want to go to school tomorrow ;^; I want to finish up  writing and catch up on all my requests and stuffles. Hope you enjoyed and sorry about the short length

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