Chapter Sixty Six

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Roscoe awoke early morning expecting Anora to arrive to the field as she normally did. However, as time passed, she didn't show up. He walked around thinking she was working in another part of the sanctuary for the day, but as he found the other workers, he didn't find her anywhere. His second best bet would be Charlie but he couldn't find the red haired man either.

It was odd for both to be missing, normally when one left the sanctuary, the other was around. Something wasn't right.

He found Norberta and as soon as she saw him approaching, she was on the defense, launching a fire attack at him. He protected himself with his own gust of wind produced from his wings and tried to get her to calm down but she refused. Eventually, she flew off leaving Roscoe alone in the field.

Anora wasn't kidding when she said that the people at the regulation meetings made Magnus look normal. While Magnus had them beat out with his wardrobe, some of the characters that arrived look like they could be in fact, part dragon, and all crazy.

Charlie was surprised to see how well Anora adjusted among the folk but he knew she was the one who normally attended these meetings and had many more experiences.

"Relax." she whispered to him. "All these people are extremely nice. They all care about the dragons and you'll see that after a couple of dragon scales that they are hilarious to be around."

"You all go out to drink after these meetings?"

"Yeah, head to the pub and swap dragon stories." she smiled at him.

Charlie went to question her, but they were interrupted by a man with long braided black hair and a beard to match, approach them. He had several scars on his face, along with some old burn marks on his neck, but kind smile on his face.

"Anora, I was wondering when you were going to get here." he greeted her.

"Ah, well I'm actually early, aren't I?" she said peering down at her watch.

"Of course, but everyone is always looking forward to seeing you here."

Charlie's face twisted slightly as his eyed the man until the larger man glanced over at him.

"You must be Charlie Weasley?" he extended his hand out to him.

"Uh...yeah." Charlie gave the man a firm shake.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Bruno Dagwood. Anora's told me a lot about you and your work."

"Sh-she has?"

"Oh yes, we can't get her to shut up sometimes." a white haired man said coming up beside Anora and clapping her on the shoulder.

"Well hi to you too, Roman." Anora greeted the man. She turned back to Charlie. "Bruno and Roman are from the sanctuary in Scotland."

Charlie met all sorts of new people at the meeting, all from different parts of the world, gathering to hear about the new regulations but no one seemed bothered with any of the changes. Tomorrow's meeting would be about increasing cloud coverage to prevent muggles from witnessing anything.

One of the people who stuck out the most was a woman he met called Bernadette Zhang, she was an Irish woman who worked in a sanctuary in China along with her husband, Xiaoping.

She was a middle age woman with fiery red hair compared to his own and Charlie believed she had been a beautiful woman before the incident she claimed took her right hand and scarred her horribly.

"And you still like working with them?" Charlie asked her as she sat near him that evening at the pub.

"I do, I couldn't picture my life without the dragons. You know what you sign up for when you agree to work with the beasts." she told him.

He looked over to where Anora stood with Roman as she told the man about the eggs in the sanctuary. Seeing Bernadette worried him, the woman was strong and tough like most people who worked with dragons, but the last thing he wanted to see was Anora meet a similar fate.

"I don't think you need to worry about her." Bernadette whispered to him.

He swallowed, he didn't want his thoughts to be obvious.

"It's hard not to worry about her." Charlie admitted.

"From what I heard, you two have a handle on your dragons. I mean, riding a dragon is completely unheard of." Bernadette told him.

"Well, we're actually here to teach them a lesson currently."

Bernadette smiled. "I'd like to hear more about this."

Charlie explained the situation where the dragons were ignoring them after a spat and Bernadette couldn't help but laugh.

"Doesn't sound like you have dragons, but just a bunch of moody teenagers."

"That's what I said!" Charlie exclaimed. "Those two are so different from all the other dragons at the sanctuary."

"That's because they've had the right people handling them since they were young."

Norberta was pissed by mid-afternoon.

Well, she had woke up already slightly pissed off and it only escalated when she saw Roscoe stomping over to her. The thunderous dung-head dare to approach her after hurting her, all she wanted to do was attack him viciously, but she knew she didn't stand much of a chance against him anymore. He was too big and just the wind gust from his wings had put out her flames.

Not only was Roscoe bothering her, she couldn't find Charlie or Anora anywhere in the sanctuary. She had chose to ignore Charlie the day prior as he hadn't been at her aid when she had woken up from the attack. But she didn't expect him to disappear.

By early evening she realized that Roscoe was still searching for Anora, but they weren't among the other workers. She knew where they lived but she wasn't stupid enough to venture near the home as it would alert other workers and end badly.

Instead she found Roscoe lying down in a field with a look of defeat. She decided to keep the stupid dragon company by lying down a little ways away from him. He turned his head at one point and the two stared at each other. He made no other movement or gesture before accepting the fact that she was staying. His tail curled around the area in which she was laying, and the two remained settled for the night.

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