She dragged in breath after deep breath, until she collapsed to her knees

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She dragged in breath after deep breath, until she collapsed to her knees. All gone. Her mind screamed at her. I was too late.

Her mother, knelt down and whispered, "You must do the transfer. If you don't the humans will be targeted next." She laid a cold hand on her shoulder. She jerked back.

"Mom! Snap out of it!" She screamed.

Her mothers face wiped of emotion. Her mother grasped her wrist and pulled her towards the hills in front of the building. She pulled and pushed, but couldn't work fee. It was pointless with her mother a full-blood and all. Her tears dried and she couldn't get herself to feel anything. Everyone gone? With the other two adapts gone, Unnamed couldn't be sealed again.

Acolytes repelled down the dome and walked single file towards the ceremonial slabs. They sat in front and along the sides cross legged. Pulling their hoods down in a synchronized wave.

Three Acolytes came out of the building and carried a small round wooden table and chairs.

"Sit we have much to discuss." Her mother let go of her and sat down. She took out a small silver disc from her pocket and placed it on the table. She pressed on a faint white rune in the middle of it. The disk shook and small triangular creases formed from the center out to the edge, these snapped up then flopped back onto the table. More of these came off of the edges and overlapped until the disk filled most of the table. Twisting silver particles that started from the middle of the disk condensed and formed odd shapes. After a short time the dust cleared away and revealed a coffee set and cups on the elongated disc.

Her mother poured her a cup, handing it to her. "Have some." She smiled, but as she looked in her eyes something other flickered in them.

She clasped her hands together. "No thanks."

"It's just coffee. Did you like the show? The mages and wizards had been working together well the past few years." She took a sip of fragrant coffee. "It's too bad you hadn't come home sooner or you could have seen such wonders. We no longer live is bug infest trees, or at least we did."

She rubbed her wrist, unable to answer, it's like her mind didn't want to deal with this reality. How could her mother be so calm about all this? Was she still in there or ... no, she refused to give up there had to be a way. She worked up what moisture she could from her dry mouth, and swallowed.

Moms' face grayed and a vine worked its way up over her ears, the buds opened and rapidly grew to a chain that went down the back of her head like a veil.

She gasped.

"Confused vessel? I told you I'm legion. While a part of me is here another part is in you, dear mother here, and also in my hundreds of thousands of followers. " Her voice changed as she spoke to that of a deep reverberating males.

"I almost decided on your mother. All most. But as she was the final one to destroy my body, I wanted more than to destroy hers. I wanted to destroy her. Force her to watch while being very much aware."

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