Chapter 11: Honor of the Sword

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It was only a mere day from the tournament to select the representatives for Green B.U.S. Saku was training hard with Ivy who was teaching him one last thing. Ivy was trying to teach him how to fully utilize the aura-coat in the training hall. Saku could still only produce one aura-coat glove and was trying to make a second one. Sweat was dripping down his face as he concentrated "keep going Saku" said Ivy encouragingly "You're not far off" Anastasia and Mochi were watching from a distance. Saku was trying to produce a white light around his second hand "there it is now mold it!" the white light became to form a shape but then Saku fell forward.

Saku was on his hands and knees, sweat falling off his face. Ivy patted him on the shoulder "easy there. Take a breather. We'll call it a day" Anastasia walked over with a towel in hand as Saku sat on the floor

"Here you go Saku"

"Thank you Anastasia" he found the tower was cool and moist "Oh this nice"

"I'd thought you like it" said Anastasia smiling "I dampened it for you to help cool you down" Mochi then presented Saku a bottle

"Here you go big brother"

"Thanks Mochi" Saku took a sip "apple juice...sweet!" he then began rapidly drinking the juice "This is my favourite"

"Big sister Aries told me it was your favourite so I made you some" she smiled sweetly showing her pink cheeks

"Nice one...little sister Mochi" he rubbed her pink hair making her giggle.

Saku stood up wiping his face with the towel "This aura-coat thing tires you out. Was it like this for you?"

"Ohhhh yes" said Ivy dragging out the word "I literally collapsed when I first did it" she then looked a bit sad "well, I regret to say this is my final lesson"

"I know you still have your own training to do"

"That's right. And since I don't plan on losing I'm going to the top and...regrettably I won't have much time to much more training"

Yeah I know. Especially since your first to fight in the matches" she nodded

Saku took a few moments and then said "but can I ask you something?"

"Yes what is it?"

"Could you keep teaching me after the matches?"

"Well I could but I don't think there's not much more I can teach you"

"Well then at least spar with me? I quite enjoy training with you" Ivy looked surprised but then chuckled

"You really are something else. I haven't met anyone like you" she then smiled sweetly as if thinking about something else "do you know that I'm an only child. So I've been thinking how ace it would be..." she then rubbed his head "to have a little bro like you" Saku felt at first uncomfortable but was reminded of Aries and smiled. Ivy put her hand down "well just keep going and you'll get it"

"Okay, I'll be rooting for you" Ivy had pink cheeks as she kissed Saku on his head making him blush

"I'll be rooting for you too"

Saku watched her go as he spoke to Anastasia "well that's the end of today I think. I'm beat"

"You have been working hard" said Anastasia with her hands behind her back

"Yeah well, I just wish I had more time. I could do a lot more" said Saku sulking

"Don't worry big brother" said Mochi encouragingly "You can do it" Saku smiled as he looked at Anastasia

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