A/N: Hi everyone. I'm not going to make this long but I am sorry this is NOT an update. However, I ENCOURAGE you to read this. I will be recapping the story because a few of you have been lost. KEEP READING IF YOU WANT A RECAP!
I've been receiving complaints how some people don't remember what is happening in the book, how they don't understand it, etc etc etc. It really makes me upset because I try and update as often as I can. It's hard for me because I don't want to give you guys shitty chapters that I just pull out of my ass. I like sitting down on my free time, pulling out a notebook, writing down a summary and some ideas and then writing a chapter.

I cannot update every other day. Sadly, I know, I know.

Also, I don't like seeing mean comments on ANY of my books. Please, express your opinions and how you feel and your sadness or anger or your lust, please do! But please don't criticize my plot line or my writing. I write this book because I enjoy writing, I enjoy being cute and cliché and I enjoy giving my own ideas for others to read. This book isn't perfect. I had NO intentions of so many people loving it! So if you DON'T LIKE IT, find a reader with 19,000 followers and go read their books! HAhaha.

For my friends, my followers, I love you guys immensely! Your silly comments, messages of your crying or laughing over a chapter or little tiny things you guys tell me make me so happy! Getting a notification that you guys voted on my book makes my day RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING. SO THANK YOU.

Now, here's a recap, in case you've somehow forgotten my entire damn book and cannot remember ANYTHING that's happening in which I have to get a mean message of you telling me you don't understand my book....


1 - Peyton has an abortion. Chose to abort because the fetus was sick due to Peyton becoming drunk and having alcohol in her system for her birthday, she was not aware of her early pregnancy. Veronica, her bestfriend, was disgusted with her motives and moved out of their dorm in college. She has not spoken to Veronica except once where Veronica told her she was okay now. They still haven't had contact for a while.

2- Evan was informed of this (abortion) after waking up from his concussion induced coma (hit in the head when he had boot camp for Cleveland football team, 3 to 6 hour drive from Peyton. (Lasted 7 months, obviously I didn't write it as if it were 7 months in the book because HELL that would be boring as shit. I obviously sped some things up at this point.)

3- Evan cannot see through 1 eye due to trauma in his nerve endings involving his brain. Peyton helped with his medication, they seemed fine. He would eventually heal.

4- Asher (EVANS ROOMMATE IN COLLEGE DORMS) decided to tangle himself with Peyton throughout the process of Evan's coma, thinking he may be able to take advantage. He didn't believe that Evan would wake up but encouraged Peyton to believe he would. They became close. He offered her comfort through this process, she was CLOSE but DIDN'T fall for Asher.

5- Asher helped Peyton get a job interview with a huge company. Maverick was then introduced. Maverick is a buddy of Evan and Asher. Young, wealthy handsome. Peyton was distraught, causing her to run out of the interview.

6- Asher turned out to be manipulative, so that sink sailed and completely crashed.

7- Asher told Evan he had sexual relations with Peyton. Evan believed him (prior to Evan waking up). Asher has been distraught.

8- Peyton was torn from her abortion so she visited Evan's mother. Evan's mother supported Peyton and her decision. (This was before the job interview)

9- Peyton is living off of her parent's life insurance money. Tbh don't remember if this was covered in the book due to me editing so much in so little time due to the hate I was getting. It was stressing me out, i'm sorry!

10- Evan has a change of heart (NO I will NOT do Evan's POV) which resulted in him treating Peyton oddly.

11- Peyton confronts Evan and he tells her "Asher told me you guys had sex". Asher was then beat up but Evan and Evan felt attacked and overwhelmed on everything he had missed out on. He took it out on Asher, also affecting Peyton. Peyton did not defend Asher as he was beaten.

12- Evan BREAKS UP with PEYTON because he claimed he was no longer in love with her. He left their newly purchased apartment. (Well, Peyton's new purchased apartment).

13- Peyton has not been to college.

14- Peyton has not spoken to Veronica.

15- Peyton is torn, so she goes to a bar and drinks her pain away. She was drunk and stayed until the bar itself closed.

16- A bartender and business owner, CEDRIC, comes into the picture. Peyton asks him to take care of her. He did NOT take advantage. He gave her a place to sleep and they shared the information that: Cedric has sleeping issues and cannot sleep so works at a bar at night. They also shared: Cedric hasn't seen or spoken to his brother in 8 years, lacking the idea of him. He also shared: both his parents died from sleeping and never waking back up. THAT is why he fears sleep.

AND FINALLY 17- After one week of having the night at Cedric's (the bartender who is also good looking) Peyton fears all the men coming into her life so she forgets of Cedric. Runs into him later at a food shop where they interact about their job interviews. Peyton then runs into the same car Cedric had/was in at the food shop, and then sees Evan.


I REALLY hope that helped some of you guys. I even went way back into the abortion part of the story which is long gone now. If you don't remember THAT part, I suggest you reread the book but those should surely help you now as you continue on.

Commonly asked questions:

1) Is the book almost over?

No! It has a long ways to go. I still want to fully create Evan's character, and also Cedrics. ASHER is now a SIDE character (round character) and his appearances won't be as frequent. Also MAVERICK is a round character but he will come around soon enough. PEYTON'S STORY took place in book 1, so if you haven't read the first book..... y iz u here?

2) When do you usually update?

For perfect chapters where I don't feel rushed, usually once every 2 weeks-ish. Or whenever I am motivated or inspired. (Usually resulting from a long message from one of you amazing people that I get every so often). I am always active on Wattpad though, sharing when I am writing, when I am editing and THEN when I am posting, so I suggest you follow me and check your page to see whenever I make/create a discussion!

3) Does your new book with the character CEDRIC, same as the CEDRIC in THIS book?

N O ! They are different! I write so much that I forgot I used the same name in two separate books. For now, bear with me. Cedric will remain Cedric in this book! For my new book Deep Ends (which you should totally check out ;) ) I will find a new name when I can that I believe fits perfectly. I'm kind of in love with the name Cedric right now.

That's all folks! Hopefully this informed you of some things and helped you! If you made it THIS FAR, comment below "Curly fries make me super happy" hahahaha. Anyways, I love you all from the deepest, bottom, corner of my heart.

Have a good night beautiful people :)


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