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Well she had lots of friends... Some where girls Chris fucked when he was drunk his ex wife and Prince's ex Jayla and so much more girls all the boys know but she also had boys that the girls know. 


I walked down stairs but I didn't see Carrie sitting on the couch but I saw the magazine. I walked to it then I felt her hit me in he back of my head. 


Chris:It's a lie! 

Carrie:How do I know that?! 

Chris:Because I'm your husband! You're suppose to trust me and believe me! 

Carrie:Yea! Well how can I trust you if you continue to do things that effect out kids and our relationship! Huh?  

Chris was quiet and didn't say anything to her..she was right. Carrie pushed him and yelled 

Carrie:TELL ME HOW?! 

Chris:Your right Carrie I don't know how. 

Carrie stood there all in his face. 

Carrie:Chris what's going on. 

She said looking right into his eyes. 

Carrie:I want the truth and only the truth I want the whole thing. 

She sat on the couch as he sat next to her quietly and was silent for a few minutes. 


He looked at her astonished she yelled like that. 


She said looking like she felt bad for yelling at him.  

Chris:Well you know when we had argued about me cheating that was the girl I had sex with. She called me and told me she had my child.  

He paused an looked at Carrie she was staring at the floor letting her tears hit the floor not caring about wiping them. He just wanted to squeeze her but he knew she didn't want him touching her. But she did he just didn't know it she just wanted a big hug and kiss from him.  

Chris:He's a year old we went to get tested and he wasn't mines when we left she pushed me against the car and kissed my cheek that's when the people came and took pictures I pushed her off me and got in my car and drove off. I'm sorry Carrie I really am 

He looked at her. She was in the same position but crying harder. Chris hugged her and se hugged back still crying t the same rate.  

Carrie:I just don't know what to do. 

Chris:You can stay. 

Carrie:Chris we're 24 years old. I don't wanna go through this stress. 

Chris:Then don't. 

Carrie started crying harder with frustration. She was so confused on what she wanted to do about everything. She got up and went to lay down in her room leaving Chris there to just sit there looking into space and thinking.  

Danielle:Dad stop hurting mom. I'm twelve now I've been through all this to since I was adopted and I want it to stop be careful just be careful. 

Chris sighed and then nodded his head in understanding Danielle was right. He had to be careful with things. He went up to his room and layed next to Carrie. 

Chris:What do you want me to do? 

Carrie:Chris I don't even know  

Chris was out of words to say to try and make her feel better about everything. He began crying to our of frustration why was life like this? 


She was walking into her room as she got a call from Prince. 


Prince:Why you got an attitude. 

Destiny:Don't act dumb! 

Prince:Well you didn't have to. 

Destiny:Stay out of my life! 

Prince:Too bad I can't. 

Destiny:And why not? 

Prince:Cause I love you and you know you love me to 

Destiny:Wow. Your so ugh. 

Prince:I know I'll be over tonight to get Precious bye love you. 

And then he hung up. He made Destiny so mad. She just wanted to kill him every time he talked to her but she couldn't resist the fact that she did love him... 


Sapphire:Ugh don't stop that's the spot bae! 

??:*keeps going* 

Here she goes again. She was having sex right now with one of the camera men. And he was married.  

Sapphire:*starts riding him* 

Man:*bounces her*  


She kissed him and kept going. The next day she had another plan. She asked a stripper to go to Trey and Destiny's house when Trey was at work and say that Trey ordered a visit from her. What was in it for her though? Well the only thing was sex Sapphire was gonna have to be a lesbo for that day.

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