France x Reader (marriage)

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Okay, first off, I'm super super sorry this took four months to get on here, school has just been a major major pain, it's been cutting off my will to write. I'm going to try and get as many requests done as I can. I have like 8? Or something like that, idk. But I am going to try. Yay! By the way, this was requested by jadkins3867 Hope you can forgive me about the wait ^^'


Getting married to France was the last thing you ever imagined would happen in your lifetime. 

But that's just the outline of your story.

Being Arthur's little sister, you grew up being taught to hate the Frenchman. Instead of hating him, you fell in love with him.

It started out with secret meetings, to going on dates, to 'I love you's, to affection, and kisses, and it was absolutely perfect.

You were lying in your bed, in your house you shared with Arthur. Your phone buzzed and you picked it up, looking through your text notifications. It was France.

F: Bonjour Mon Amour~

That made you smile

You: Hey Franceypants. How is my amazing boyfriend?

F: Just amazing ____. I want to take you out to dinner!

You: Sounds nice. Where to?

F: It's a surprise. Just dress nice and look pretty. Who am I kidding, you always look pretty ;3

You: Such a sweetheart <3 Alright, pick me up a block away from my house like always

F: I'll be there in thirty minutes

You got dressed in a nice slim dress that nicely complimented your figure, it going down just right below your knees and you put on some nice dress shoes to match, doing your hair perfectly, and slipping on bracelets that also matched the outfit

You put on a long trench coat after and walked to the door, passing Arthur.

He raised an eyebrow. "You did your hair."

You give a nod. "Yeah, I'm going out for a few hours." You put your hand on the doorknob.

"Alright love, be safe." He said, sipping at his tea and looks back to the telly.

You walked outside, closing the door behind you, the cold enveloping your legs and face. A shiver ran down your spine as you walked,

You came to the corner where you said you'd meet Francis.

It was a minute or two before you felt a hand on your shoulder.

Not knowing who it was at first, you pulled out a can of pepper spray- courtesy of Arthur- and turned around quickly, getting ready to set it off

Francis was there and he recoiled with a yelp, instantly shielding his face. "Non! It's just me and I need my eyes!"

You paused and smiled, putting it back in your pocket and hugging him. "Hello Francis."

He smiles and returns the hug and started walking towards his car, holding your hand

The car was only a block away and when you get into it, the warmth consumes you, making your cheek sand ears flare red.

With the car light, you could get a better look at him. 

He had on a white dress shirt with black pants and a matching black tie. And man- did he look stunning.

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