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Pen Your Pride

"I so can not wait for summer ball to start!" Grace squealed. She was laying on her back throwing a softball into the air.

"I know!" I replied, my gaze focused on the ball. "Rose is taking forever." Grace said dragging out the word forever.

I was about to reply when the sound of my door opening cut me off. "Hi Mr. Colier, Mrs. Colier." Rose's faint voice passed through the house. Grace was smirking, knowing who it was.

Fifteen loud stomps were heard as Rose made her way up the steps. She then barged into my room panting. Can't blame her though, she went up the steps pretty fast.

We stared at her while she was bent over, panting. She rose up slowly, and opened her mouth.

"There's a surprise summer ball meeting at the fields. We got to go now." She finished with a smile as Grace and I cheered.

Finally, after 2 weeks we can get back to playing ball.


"Anna, get out of the car." Rose said, snapping me from my thoughts. Everyone was outside of the car while I was still inside.

"Oops." I said blankly getting out of the car.

We parked on the top of the hill so we could see all of the fields. All but two fields were empty. The softball field and pony field. The softball field was filled with girls while the pony field has two people. A little excitement went through me, my mind immediately going to Josh.

We began walking down the hill towards the meeting. When we reached the bottom you could hear all of the girls chit chat. We walked through the gate and everything went quiet. My friends gave me a look like 'What the heck?' I shrugged and looked through the crowd for Rachel.

I spotted her quickly and she waved us over. When we made it over to Rachel, the coach cut us off before we could talk.

"Glad to see you girls could finally make it." He said dryly. We all just shrugged.

He clapped his hands together making a large smack echo through the ball park. He opened his mouth and began, "All of you standing before me has made the summer ball team. We have not been able to practice yet, so I apologize on that." He paused and began to pace.

"The first summer ball game will be in two days. I have high hopes for all of us to have a undefeated season like last year." A couple of 'woots' went around from the girls who were on the team last year.

He continued, "I'm very excited to say that there will be a lot of collage scouts coming. You all must be on your very best game to be noticed."

My friends and I immediately exchanged excited glances. Rose shot her hand up.

"Yes Rose?" My coach asked. "What collage scouts will be there?" She asked.

Every single girl standing on this field knows where my friends and I want to go to school. We never shut up about it.

He sighed and said "There will be many but just for you and your little buddies, the University of Georgia scouts will be there."

We all looked to each other and began happy dancing and giggling and carrying on when our coach just sighed. Many of the girls were laughing at our awkward dance moves too. But what caught me by surprise was a deep chuckle.

Please, as if I couldn't know whose laugh that is by now.

I whipped around to see Josh and Shane standing on the other side of the fence, watching our meeting. I punched Rose, and although she looked mad she saw what I was looking at. She turned a bright red and by then we had all gained control of ourselves.

"Anyway," My coach continued "There will be three hour practices for the next two days." A bunch of groans went around. "If you aren't there for them, don't bother coming to the games." We all shut up on the spot. "You are dismissed!" Coached yelled, clapping his hands again.

We all scurried off the field and Rose immediately ran to Shane, jumping in his arms.

They're so good for each other.

I sighed watching them from afar. Hands suddenly went around my waist and Josh's whisper filled my ears.

"We could have a relationship like that you know?"

I wanted to stay in his arms. I wanted that so bad. I wanted to sit there and breath in his woodsy scent and wrap my arms around him too. I wanted to have pet names for him like other couples, and hold his hand as we walked through the school. I wanted him to open doors for me and tell me that I'm pretty when I obviously look like crap. I want him to stand up for me when the girls at school call me a freak. I want him to be possessive over me when boys looked my way. I wanted him to meet my family and friends. I just wanted him.

But you can't always get what you want right?

I pulled myself away from him and smirked. "In your dreams." I said and turned to head to the car. I could see all the girls in it already.

I lied to him. It's not in his dreams. Its in mine.

 Chapter status - Unedited

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