Chapter 10

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      THE NEXT DAY went by pretty slowly. Tyler spent most of the morning kicking people out of his house—in a nice way, of course. Jay was half asleep, leaning on Cyrus for support, who seemed very annoyed by the tired teenager on his arm. Ryder remained quiet and glared at me, as per usual.

      Once everyone was out and the house was nearly identical to how it looked before the party, we all plopped down on the living room couch and chairs. Tyler, Jay, and Cyrus sat on the couch opposite of the TV, while Ryder sat in the chair to the right of them. Apparently that was his reserved seat, as I'd been warned before to keep off of it plenty of times.

If you're wondering where I was, well, I was laying across the boys on the couch with my head on Tyler's lap, and my feet on Cyrus's. Classy, I know.

"I'm bored," Jay announced, squirming under my butt in an attempt to get comfortable. We hadn't really done much today except horse around and eat junk food. It was already around nine o'clock at night, and we'd sat down to watch some movies about twenty minutes ago.

      "We just sat down," I argued. "How are you already bored?" I glared as Jay shifted again and shifted myself to show how frustrating it was. Heat rose to my cheeks when he immediately tensed underneath me, the hand resting on my thigh suddenly tightening. I instantly stopped moving.

      Jay shrugged, trying hard to cover up the awkward situation by clearing his throat. "Just am."

Tyler laughed with a roll of his eyes, and instructed me to grab the remote from the table. I did as he asked, careful not to move my hips again, then watched as he flipped through multiple channels. "Thanks."

      "You're welcome," I answered.

     After a long conversation of what to watch, why Ryder thought what Jay wanted to watch was stupid, and how Tyler thought a movie about a bunch of foster kids was better, I found myself tuning the three of them out. Thinking about kids in the foster system was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do right now.

I let out a sigh and reached a hand up to tough my necklace, but froze instantly. Where the hell is it? My eyes widened in horror as I shot up from my seat on the couch, breath caught in my throat. "No, no, no, no, no."

Jay's hands caught my hips when I almost stumbled. "Woah, you okay?"

"What's wrong?" Cyrus questioned, sitting straighter in his seat.

"My necklace," I muttered quickly, leaping off the couch to look frantically around the room. My heart pounded loudly against my chest in panic. "It's gone. It can't be gone!"

Jay cursed under his breath. He was the first one I told about the necklace and where it came from, and he was there the first time I thought I lost it. That time, it had been in his couch cushions and was easily found within s few minutes. This time, the churning feeling in stomach told me it wasn't going to be so easy to find. "When was the last time you remember having it?"

"I don't—I don't know!"

Jay stood up, and Cyrus shot out of his seat just as my knees gave out from under me. Cyrus caught me halfway down as tears sprung to my eyes.

"What's going on?" Ryder questioned, but I couldn't focus enough to know who the question was directed at. My head was spinning with anxiety and panic.

Somewhere in the room, I heard Tyler's voice, but it sounded miles away from me. "That necklace was her mother's. She died when Skye was little, and that's the only thing Skye has left of her."

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