"Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy."

- Saadi

Candice POV

Two weeks had gone since I had started my rehabilitation with Eric and I had become a lot stronger, I could now walk long extents without pain, of course someone had to hold me but still, it was a great improvement. Not to mention I could now dress myself without any help, it took me about five to ten minutes but still, Eric didn't have to experience more awkwardness again. Eric had been giving me a massage every night after our training just like Theresa had suggested. All I can say is that Eric was great with his hands.

We had also started to eat in the cafeteria again and the first time we entered the cafeteria with me walking next to Eric, holding on to him everyone stared at us before erupting into cheering, I guess they were happy that I was able to walk. Dauntless sure knew how to make one feel happy; they were like one big family.

Eric would sit me down with my friends while he walked over to the leaders table; he knew I wanted to sit with my friends who I hadn't seen in forever. They would tell me of all the things that had happened since my release, what they had been up to and all the tattoos they had been getting. Not once did they speak about stage two and three. I had heard they were now on stage three but I didn't know what that meant. They asked me how I was doing and how the training was going. They still couldn't believe I was staying at Erics, telling me the most ridiculous things about him, but they didn't knew him like I did, I may not know a lot about Eric but what I do know about him is that he is a whole different person when he is not around everyone else, when he is not the ruthless leader. In his apartment he could be himself which is a sweet and caring and of course cocky gentleman. Not to mention, he is really hot, especially shirtless. But no matter how much I wanted to tell them how wrong they were about him, I couldn't. How would that look, they would think something was up, ask me if I liked him or something, which I did but I couldn't tell them that now could I?

Anyway, Eric and I were currently in the training room training. We had been walking around the room for a long time now, trying to get me to walk by myself without him holding me. It was a work in progress but I manage to walk at least a short amount of time before he had to hold me again. Eric never once left my side, always stayed beside me in case I needed him.

"Okay I think we are done for today." Eric said.

"All ready? Is it dinner already?"

"No. I thought we could cut the training shorter today."


"Do you need a reason?"

"Not really, I just think it's strange that you would end the training earlier than usual that's all."

"You have done good today and the last couple of weeks, you deserve it."

"Well it that case." I smiled and was about to kiss him when I remembered that there are cameras in the training room. Eric lifted me up and began walking back to his apartment. He did this every time; as soon as we were done he would carry me back to the apartment. He didn't want me to overdo things. But today was different, he was different. Something was up and I didn't know if it was a good something or a bad something.

We arrived at the apartment and he carried me over to the bedroom and sat me down on the bed.

"You want to have a shower or do you like to wait until later?"

"A shower sounds good." I had been able to stand in the shower for a couple of days now, I loved baths but there was something about feeling the water running down on your head and body. Eric had put in a chair for me to hold on to and sit on whenever it got too much. He started the shower and walked out in the living room so I could undress and shower. It took me about one minute to get to the bathroom, then another five minutes to undress. I stepped in to the shower and let the warm water run down my body. I held on to the walls around me while the hot water cascaded down on me, I took the bottle of coconut shampoo and started applying some in my hair before rinsing it out, I then did the same with the conditioner. I would have applied shower cream on my entire body but unfortunately I could reach my back just yet so I only manage to do my front. When I was finished I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel and sat down on the toilet as I felt my body fail on me.

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