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"Julius.. the name...?" I asked nervously.

"Oh, yeah, sorry!" Julius grinned at me, "His name was Gabriel."

My heart dropped into my stomach, and I felt sick, "W-who...?" I asked as I lurched. Julius grabbed my arm, probably worried that he was going to have to carry me to the School Nurse... But he repeated, and I heard his full name, loud and clear.

"He had a strange name, that one..." Julius mused.

" G a b r i e l    J a c o b y    H i s . "

- - -

If all this wasn't hard enough to handle, the fact that I hadn't seen Brittany all day was really pushing me closer to the edge.

Julius called my name, "Abby...? You okay, right? You look kind of pale."

I nod, but he crosses his arm over his chest and gives me this look, like oh really? I only respond back with a neck roll of sass and he raised his hands in defeat. "Aight." He spoke in this ridiculous American accent, and it was hilarious!

But I couldn't let him know that, so I just rolled my eyes.

"Woah, careful there," Julius warned as he touched my shoulder, "I don't know how much more sass your body can handle!"

"Shut up Myers!" I laugh and he grins at me.

"Alright, I know when I'm not appreciated." He faked a sniffle, "I'll just go."

"No one's stopping you," I giggled when he gasped.

"Harsh, Knightey. Harsh!" He shakes his head and smiles before nodding goodbye, "I'll see you later! Mrs. Jones will have my head for being late to math." 

Wringing my hands together to keep them warm, I watch him run down the hall. It was only until he was gone that I wondered i I should have waved. I shake my head and start heading to my class.

I couldn't have known Gabriel from back then... I don't even rememebr...!

I struggled with this news as much as I did the translation of Mr. Clarke's tattoo... "What the heck does 12 Winged Messenger even mean...?" I mumbled as I got into Mr. Gungur's Physics class. I mentally groan as I sit down. 

"Miss Knightley, late?" Mr. Gungur commented, "It must be the end of the world."

That got the fourteen students in class laughing. I didn't mind though, Mr. Gungur wasn't being mean... He always had little comments, but he was really just a bog softy. He glanced back at me once he finished writing on the board, "Don't worry Miss Knightley, it's your first time, so I'll let you off the hook." 

"Such gracious mercy." I smile as he chuckles at what I said.

After some time of watching the door, I gave up on Brittany. The bell rang, and I was out in the hallway again, busy with the mystery on my hands. "So 12 winged messenger...? A winged messenger could be an angel..." Sighing, I brush my blonde hair back behind my ear, "But I never heard of an angel with 10 wings, let alone 12!" I said frustratedly.

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