White Christmas episode 3

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It's day four of the Christmas break, and there's more snow and ice than ever, leaving everyone slipping and sliding if they try to walk outside. Kang-mo tells Moo-yul that Doctor Kim fell victim to the ice and hurt his arm, leading him to help the Doc put his injured arm in a sling.

Teach doesn't show up for breakfast, and no one thinks much of it as Young-jae decides to start the morning off right by ridiculing Yoon-soo for his breakdown yesterday. I don't know why he thinks this is a good idea, but he gets his comeuppance when Yoon-soo launches himself over the table and beats him until Moo-yul and Jae-kyu pull them apart.

Yoon-soo doesn't seem to remember anything he said the day before, which Young-jae claims is due to his waning sanity and drugs. Moo-yul insists that Yoon-soo isn't on drugs because he flushed the rest down, which merits a curious reaction from Ji-hoon – if Moo-yul could tell when Yoon-soo was or wasn't on drugs, that means the teachers could too. Yet no one did anything.

Moo-yul and Jae-kyu turn up empty-handed in their search for Teach, and for that matter, Mi-reu. Moo-yul thinks Mi-reu just went home, but Jae-kyu knows he's still on campus since there were no footprints in the snow.

Cut to: Mi-reu trying to wedge the cell door open with a pen. He fails and rages impotently, until he spies the security camera and begins to flail in front of it, hoping that someone will see. Lucky for him, Moo-yul has gone to his room to look for him and turns on Mi-reu's laptop, flipping through the hacked security footage until he spots Mi-reu on screen.

They go down to the detainment area, and Mi-reu couldn't be happier to see them. However, Moo-yul doesn't seem keen on letting his new friend out when there must have been a reason for Teach to put him there in the first place, and doesn't seem satisfied when Mi-reu says he didn't do anything. Mi-reu even pulls up his shirt to reveal the major back bruise he's sporting from the judo throw in an attempt to garner pity.

Moo-yul is taking his goody two-shoes role a bit too seriously, since he leaves Mi-reu in the cell to check the CCTV footage, since Mi-reu said that Teach was up to something. But of course, Teach deleted all that footage from last night, so there's no evidence backing Mi-reu's claim that Teach threw him.

He's quick on the uptake though, and guesses that someone might have erased the footage. Ji-hoon arrives just at that moment wanting to talk to him, and they have a Smart Kids Meeting over the weirdness going on, which Young-jae overhears.

Poor Mi-reu stays locked in his cell like a zoo animal as Moo-yul, Jae-kyu, and Ji-hoon come to stare at him. They leave without a word, and soon Young-jae arrives in front of the cell, hilariously turning right back around when he confirms that it's Mi-reu locked inside.

Ji-hoon shows Moo-yul the student pamphlet with Teach's profile and points out something interesting; every permanent teacher at Susin High must have impeccable credentials and meet certain criteria, only Teach has none of those. He became a permanent employee not long after the school trip where Yoon-soo passed out, and at the recommendation of the school's chief donor – Yoon-soo's father.

Suffice to say, Ji-hoon believes that Teach was bought off by Yoon-soo's father after discovering him on drugs during the trip. Ji-hoon wants to break into the teacher's dorm, a thought which has the morally upright Moo-yul worried that they'll get in trouble. Ji-hoon displays no fear and calmly says he'll go alone if they're so scared.

Meanwhile, Doctor Kim throws back his fair share of painkillers due to his arm, watching Ji-hoon & Co. from bed as they pass the clinic. Ji-hoon takes a taser to the electronic lock guarding the teacher's dorm and goes inside, though Moo-yul takes a while to steel himself before doing the same.

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