Chapter 15

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(Taylor POV)

Early Mornings Is All I Had...

"Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up" Ma Said Yelling In The Hall Way.

"Rise And Shine Sleepy Heads" Grandma Yelled.

"Go To Sleep Gianna" I Heard Grandpa Yell. By The Way Gianna Is Grandma Matti's Real Name. Matti Is Actually Her Middle Name.

Next Thing I Heard Were Pots And Pans. These People Are Crazy As Hell. But I've Already Grown Attach To Them.

"Lets Go Let's Go Let's Go" Ma Yelled.

"Gilani, TD, DJ, Rain, Tonia, Dayna..." I Heard Ma Say As She Started Calling Names.

"And Grandpa Old Ass" I Heard Grandma Said.

"Chloe, Tay, Gio, Gem, Charlie..." Ma Yell. "Yall Come On Christmas Isn't Gone Wait For Yall" She Said.

"15 Minutes" Grandma Yelled And They Left.

I Dont Know Why But I Felt My Mornings Were All Like I Was In Boot Camp Like I Was Transported There In My Sleep.

These Last Few Days My Mornings Was Unusual... My Mornings Were Interrupted And I Had To Wake Up And Help Cook For The Guys... Can't You Believe It "For The Guys". They Wouldn't Let Me Eat Some Of The Bacon Or Drink Orange Juice. Geminis' Grandma Kept Saying "The Boys Eat First". I Wanted To Tell Her She Was Tripping And Fuck The Boys Cause My Stomach Don't Give 2 Cares For The Boys.

"So After We Done Here We Going Shopping?" Rain Asked.

"Yes Christmas Shopping Not Self Shopping" Grandma Said.

"Awww Man" Rain Said.

"If Y'all Ladys Are The Ones Going Shopping Why This All Us Have To Wake Up?" Gem Asked.

"Cause Everybody Eats Breakfast Together" Ma Said. "You Know That" She Added.

He Just Shook His Head And Continued Eating.

(Tonia POV)

Everybody Lefted Out The House. Well Except Me, And The Guys And Rain.

Lani Was Asleep With His Ole Boring Ass. Bored Out My Mind I Then Slipped Out From Under Lani's Arms And Made My Way Quietly Out The Room.

"Hey Lonely" I Said As I Took A Step Into Gemini's Room.

"Get Out" He Said Without Looking My Way. His Eyes Were Glued In The TV.

"Now Why You Always Gotta Act Like That?" I Asked Him.

"Get The Hell Out" He Said.

I Silently Locked The Door Behind Me And Approached Him.

"So You Don't Miss Me?" I Asked Him Stepping In Front Of Him.

"Hell Nawl... Now Get The Fuck Out" He Said.

I Know Hurt Him But I Apologized About A Million Times. But I Knew Exactly How To Get Home On My Page.

"So You Don't Miss Nun Of This?" I Asked Him After Dropping My Robe.

He Took A Moment To Look. Ofcourse Who Wouldn't. He Then Raised His Eyebrow.

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