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So basically, i HATE COPYCATS! I refer to them as copyrats bc they stanky rats.

Recently, there's been a person on wattpad who has copied one of my rants literally word for word and posted it as their own rant. (It's the one about New Years Resolutions)

No, i did not give them permission so what gave them the audacity to copy it up?

After negotiation, the person has edited the rant by adding their own personal opinions. But most of it is literally my work. They have added my name to credit even though i still haven't given them perimission.

The person's wattpad goes upon @Vixxus. I have stated their username so you guys know who the person is in case u see the rant.

I'm just not gonna worry about it because it really is quite sad how a person copies a rant. Like the fuck?

Ranting is your own opinion, copying someone else completely demolishes the whole point of it.

It profounds the insinuation that you're really that stupid that you must copy someone else?

Hey, at least they didn't copy one of my story books, because i know a lot of people on wattpad's books have been copied. 

I'm just saying, copying in general supplies connotations of being a coward, foolish and simple minded.

I'm so grateful to have such awesome and dedicated readers like you guys! I'm being serious when i say i love you. Your comments literally bring out the biggest smiles out of my face and makes my day so thank you. Y'all are SlayzerZ (yas, i've just named u guys here and then).

I'll update a rant tomorrow because i feel bad for not updating on Monday :/


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