You Tell Him You're Pregnant (Request)

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You were nervous about telling Harry even the thought of him leaving you when you're pregnant made you feel sick. "Babe are you alright? You look like you have to tell me something" Harry said rubbing your arms with his hands. You took a deep breath and faced your fear. "Har-Harry I-I'm pregnant" You muttered taking a big gulp. A frown formed on face but turned into a happy chappy grin. "[Y/N]! That's great!" Harry said exitedly grabbing your stomach. "Hey baby! Can't wait for you to arrive" Harry smiled. "I love you!" Harry said kissing you.


"Niall!" You screamed from the bathroom. You could here Niall rushing up from downstairs. "What is it Princess? Are you hurt!?" Niall shouted smashing the door open. You held the pregnancy stick reading positive. Niall rushed up to you and smashed his lips onto yours. "Princess we're having a baby!" Niall hugged you bringing tears to your eyes. "Hey little prince or princess whatever you are I can't wait to see you!" Niall said kissing your tummy.


"Liam can you come here for a moment" You said in worry feeling your stomach as your little babies were moving around in you tummy. "Are you feeling sick again sweetie?" Liam said rubbing your cheek with the back of his hand. "Liam I-I haven't told you this but I-I'm pre-pregnant" You mumbled feeling your stomach. Liam was struck with confusion. "We're having a baby! Well babies" You corrected yourself. "So we're having twins?!" Liam said with glee. Before you could answer Liam wrapped his arms around you in tears.


"Have you got something to tell me?" Zayn asked you feeling your stomach. "How'd you know?" You asked confused. "A little irish birdy told me you were having a baby" Zayn smiled rubbing your tummy. "We're having a baby" Zayn smiled. "Y-yes" you smiled broadly.


You were scared of telling Louis about your baby bump he would only get angrier if you didn't tell him so you decided to tell him after one of his gigs. "Louis I know you're really tired bu-" "You're pregnant" Louis said cutting you off with a smile. "H-How'd you know?" You said in a surprising tone. "You forgot to take this off the sink" Louis said holding up the pregnancy test reading positive. "Oh" You said with a shocked look. "It's alright babe Im ready to be a Dad" Louis hugs you. "I didn't mean to say it that way" Louis said kissing you on the forehead.

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