7.1. Wounded

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Update <3

Guys thoz who asked that why didn't I name the previous chapter as 5.13.... yar! Actually I inserted a present wala chapter in the middle so just not to make you all confused I went with sequence like after 6 I named the previous one as 7 and now as this is the continuation of past so...here is 7.1

Happy reading :)

Chapter # 7.1

Samra's POV

Stepping inside the room I didn't find Tehreem on the bed.

Kahan gai?

I shut the door at my back and stepped in when I literally gasped finding her on the floor over the quilt, she was covering her whole body by wrapping the bed cover which was now disappeared from the bed.

She looked as if she fell down on that quilt, her hair messed up coming on her face as if she didn't bother to move them aside. Her gaze fixed in the space all of a sudden her eyes seemed too big for her small face.

She looked like a stone statue. I walked up to her and knelt down.

"Tehreem?" I touched her shoulder but she didn't move at all, kept staring ahead. Looking closely at her face I found her eyes bloodshot and water lines on her cheeks.


Her hand raised slowly towards her mouth and her trembling fingers touched her lips just then her eyes flickered and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Tehreem! What happened? Please don't cry"

I tried to wipe those tears when her breathing went ragged, she started to breathe heavy and I frowned, my heart panicked as she looked at my face with her eye balls almost bursting out of their sockets.

"Tehreem kia hua hea yar! Dara rai ho tum mujhey. What hap....


I was in the middle of my sentence when she pulled her hand from my grip and got up from the quilt; the bed cover fell down, she looked out of her senses as she ran hysterically towards the bathroom.

"Tehreem! What are you up to?" I followed her to the bathroom, she didn't even shut the door and stepped straight towards the water tap. I just stood there in confusion when she turned the tap on, water started to stream in the bucket under.

"Tehreem? Ye-ye kia....

And with that she filled a mug of water and poured it over her head.

A loud gasp let out of her mouth as the cold water fell over her body from head to toe.

"Tehreem! Its too cold. Please stop this" I lunged towards her and tried to grabbed the mug from her but she snatched it from me and refilled it with the ice cold water and poured it over her head, her hair soaking and body trembling out of the hysteria and cold.

She was senselessly pouring water over herself as if God knows how much dirt there was on her and how less time she had.

In all that just a little water splashed over my face and trust me I shivered at the contact. It was damn cold.

"Tehreem mat karo please!" I felt like crying as I saw her in such a vulnerable state, she was crying and pouring water on her. I bent down and turned the tap off but it seemed as if she wasn't aware of my presence it seemed as if she was in a separate world at the moment where she couldn't feel anything around her.

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