Taken by the Tomlinson family at age 13, Skylee Summers has grown up with fear. Living in a slave house with 5 other slave girls, she knows that one day, it will be her turn to became a blood slave. When Louis Tomlinson chooses her to be his next slave, she tries to fight her way through it. Louis and Skylee hate each other, and it doesn't help that Louis can barely resist her. Skylee finds herself falling for Louis, to her dismay. That is, until she finds out that Louis kills one of her best friends from the slave house. That's when things get really ugly. With abuse taking a hit on Skylee, she finally realizes that standing up for herself, and her friends, breaks Louis down. And it kills her inside. Skylee must make a choice: Save her best friends and stay with them, or marry Louis and forget about her friends. Because everyone knows, you cant have it both ways.

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