| Chapter 9 |

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Dido's and Reece's outfits in the m/m. Not edited. Give me your thoughts.

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Reece swiftly rung the doorbell to Dido's house as a male figure showcasing his bare skin and physique opened the door. He seemed to have shivered a little bit as he was only in a pair of boxers. Reece was utterly taken back, who the hell was he? The guy couldn't have been no older than twenty-two, twenty-three at the most. Reece stepped back a little and cleared his throat. "Uh-uhm is Dido here?"

Tyree leaned on the door frame, sizing Reece up a bit. "Yeah, who you?"

"Tyree, who's that at the---Reece." Dido smiled seeing Reece all dappered down in the outfit he wore to church. Reece smiled as well, seeing Dido in nothing but a tank top, loose pajama pants, and flexi-rods all through her hair.

"What are you doing here? I thought I told you I was going to come over there." Dido asked.

"Well, my parents dropped me off on our way from church. I thought we could ride back together."

"Oh yeah, no, that's cool. Come in."
"Move Tyree, damn." Dido stepped back and nudged Tyree so Reece would be able to fully come in. This was actually the first time Reece had even had the pleasure of exploring Dido's house and he had to say, the overall feel of it was very welcoming and homey.

"We can just hang in my room while I get ready and stuff." Dido stated.
"Okay." Reece began following Dido to her room.

"Like hell you are." The pair turned around to Tyree, standing with his arms down by his side, obviously feeling disrespected. "Ion know this nigga."

Dido walked towards Tyree, mumbling a quick 'sorry' to Reece.

"That's the boy I told you about." Dido stated in a hushed tone as Tyree still eyeballed Reece. Reece looked away awkwardly.
"So. What that got to do with anything?"

Dido stared at him blankly.
"And why you ain't tell me he was related to Mary Poppins?" Tyree asked, referring to Reece's accent.
Dido glared. "That's besides the point. I really like him." She pleaded.
Tyree looked at Reece and then back a Dido. He sighed. "Fine, but leave the door open."

"Thank you Ty. I'll owe you." Dido reached up and hugged him tightly.
"Yeah, yeah. Just be lucky pops ain't here."

Tyree walked over to Reece giving him some dap. "I'm Tyree."
"I know who you are, Dido never shuts up about you."

Dido punched Tyree in the arm as Reece laughed a bit at the confession.
"Ow, girl." Tyree said, holding his shoulder slightly.
Dido brushed past Tyree, grabbing Reece by the hand and pulling him towards her room. "It was nice meeting you." Reece looked back.

"Same to you my brother." Tyree responded as he went back towards the living room to finish up watching tv.


Reece admired Dido as she sat at her vanity mirror and unraveled the many flexi-rods from her hair. She finger combed through the tight spirals that were created and turned them into even bigger curls. Dido looked at Reece through the mirror as he sat on her bed.

"What?" She asked, smiling.
Reece shook his head.
"Nothing, I'm just looking."

Reece liked watching Dido get dressed. He let his eyes intently roam her every move. He used to do this with his mother all the time. It was just so fascinating to him to watch them enhance their beauties.

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