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A teenage girl walks down a secluded street. A small pink package tucked under an arm. Her jacket pulled around her to protect her from the weather. 

Everything that's left on the road are the desolate, boarded up stores. All failed dreams of beginner shop-keepers. Shop-keepers who were long gone.  

Suddenly, the overcast sky emmited a loud rumble. The worried girl walked faster, the small package still tucked under her arm. 

The wind picked up and her hat was whipped off her head, revealing her black-as-night hair cascading to her stomach. She let it be whisked away, barely even noticing its departure through the thick rain that was now pouring out of the clouds. 

She was now running down the long, deserted street. Halfway down it. 

She heard a roar of a car engine picking up behind her. Her head whipping around, hoping it was her friend's mother, coming to pick her up. 

But it was not her friend's mother who stepped out of the passenger side of the black Mercedes before her. 

It was a man she'd only seen in pictures... And in nightmares. 

The man apporached until she could see the shadows of his past ghosting around his eyes. 

Her scream was drowned out by the revving of the engine by the driver. 

Everything went black. 

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