The Four Musketeer Day

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This is dedicated to Samantha (A.K.A: MusicAndBookLover) beccause hse helped me, and I appreciate that! Thank you:) 

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New second chapter!:D

Chapter 2

The big, illuminating letters that spelled out Strike It, and was connected to the upper-half of the bowling alley, shined down on Mike and me, providing us light. We were standing outside, Mike waiting for me to tell him what I wanted to say and me trying to gain the courage to say it.

We were at the bowling alley, because every Friday night all four of us—Jessie, Linda, Mike, and I—would come here; we’d call it The Four Musketeer Day. The day that all four of us could spend time together and not have to worry about a thing—but that was a lie on my part.

As we were about to go on our second round, I asked Mike if we could talk, he agreed, and here we are now. My stomach was in knots, my brain was swarming with thoughts, and my hands were sweating. I was nervous. I was terrified. I was on top of Cloud 9. And all because of Mike. I really had no idea what to say or what to do, so I just stood there, smiling awkwardly, trying to come up with something to say. And when I did, a whole new found of awkwardness was racing around us.

 “So, uh, do you h-have a girlfriend?” Jessie, Linda, Mike, and I would never talk about our crushes or relationships—at least not with Mike around. It was just too weird. But Jessie, Linda, and I talk about boys endlessly, which was how I knew who Linda liked. But I had not yet shared my hidden love for Mike with them, and a part of me felt guilty for that. But another part of me felt relieved. 

“Um, uh…” Mike said nervously, “no. Why do you ask?” His eyes pierced through mine, and I thought I was going to melt. His eyes were so... beautiful and mesmerizing. What girl wouldn't have that urge to melt?

My cheeks turned scarlet and I looked away, utterly embarrassed. “Nothing, I was just wondering.” I stared down at my old, scruffy converse. His gaze was so intense that I thought he was going to create a hole in my head.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” My cheeks turned an even darker shade of red, and his amused voice was not helping.

“N-No!” I stuttered. I snapped my gaze up to him. He was smiling cheekily. “Why do you ask?” I crossed my arms over my chest and cocked my hip, hopefully appearing strong or tough. Though that was unlikely. 

“I don’t know.” He shrugged and looked up at the dark sky. “Why’d you ask me?” I could feel another blush forming on my cheeks.

“No reason,” I muttered. “I just…well—uh, we haven’t talked in a while.” (Actually, it was only a few days—but who was counting?) I nodded, confirming what I had said.

“El,” Mike started, “I talked to you on Monday, three days ago. I don’t think that I could get a girlfriend in that short amount of time.” He smiled humorously, his bright green eyes dancing across my face. 

“You never know.” I scowled.

“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes exaggeratedly. “Now, are you going to tell me why you brought me out here or not?” He crossed his arms.

I stared into his eyes, once again, and I realized I couldn’t tell him. If it meant ruining our friendship, then no, I just couldn’t. If I told him, nothing would ever be the same again. Nothing. I wasn’t ready for that. I don’t think I would ever be. “Nothing,” I finally said. Nothing at all. “I just wanted to ask if you could help me with my Math test that’s coming up on Wednesday.” I forced a smile. It wasn’t a complete lie. Math had always been my worst subject, and Mike would usually always help me study for whatever major event that would be occurring in the Mathematical World. 

“Yeah, sure.” Mike grinned. “Come on; let’s go back inside.” I nodded and followed after him.

So much for confessing. 


Author's Note: 

Ugh....I really didn't like this chapter. It wasn't very good. I mean, it was okay--but it was short, and just ah! Alright, well, thank you for reading my boring note, and I hope I didn't disappoint you--the readers! I'll try my best to do better. Thank you:)

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