Chapter 18

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Stealing Hearts 7/7/13

Chapter 18 (830, I love y’all so freaking much:)     If anyone follows on here or on my twitter: BrieOffical, I’ll give you a dedication!

Niall’s POV

Paul said she left without an explanation. Let me rephrase that, she left screaming she was late, which I suppose she meant to work. I didn’t even get to see her that morning! I came carrying a tray of cinnamon rolls, and an ice coffee from Starbucks ready to bring that beautiful smile back on her face. I wanted to see how her face would light up from surprise. The way she would have a tint of blush on her cheeks, and how her hair would be messy yet somehow I found that adorable. Even if Paul already feed her, she would’ve took it anyways, or at least shared some with me to show she appreciated it. I made Paul explain everything about her that morning. The way she looked to how long she took in the bathroom. The boys call me obsessed but I can’t get that brown hair mystery girl out of my head.

“Niall mate? It’s three o’clock, you haven’t even complained about lunch yet which is very unusual for our Irishman. You ‘kay?” Zayn said chuffing my shoulder giving it a tight squeeze. I nod still thinking about those grey eyes, wondering how they would look like back to the wonderful blue her sister told me bout. She told me that they would sparkle every time the sun hit them. Everyone loved her eyes, they would stop and actually ask if they were contacts.

“Are you even hungry?” Louis yells from the other side of the room messing with Harry’s curlys. I think about the question for what might be the right time in my life.

“HESITATION!” Lou shouts making every gasp, turning to stare at me with shock. Liam comes running over slapping my forehead checking for a non-existent fever.

“Lads, he has the love bug!” He says after checking me out. I roll my eyes ignoring my mates. My stomach lets out an unappealing growl. They burst into laughter pulling me to the car. Paul was in the passenger sit, and Andy our other bodyguard was in the driver seat. Preston was back at the hotel waiting for us to come back. The boys shove me in the back seat with Zayn, as Liam, Harry, and Louis sit in the middle row.

“Can we stop at the diner Pauly?” I plead with my puppy dog eyes, and pouty lip. My mind immediately wonders to what Allison looks like with a pouty lip, and how I would kiss it to make it go away. Zayn slaps my arm bringing me back to reality.

“No Niall we can’t. The diner closed earlier today. Go ahead and invite A-Gray on over.” I glare at him for almost slipping up once again. Harry looks at us curiously, getting a little suspicious. I shrug him off pulling out my phone to text her.

“Wait a damn minute!” Louis shouts looking a little mad. “You have Gray’s number and didn’t give it to me!” He shrieks as if I created a crime.

“Yeah I did.” I bark back trying to back away from the mischievous grin appearing on his face. He shots forwards towards me as I let out a squeal. He grabs the phone out my hand, making me try to grab I it back from the stripes wearing boy.

“Boo, give him his phone back. Maybe if you asked politely he would give it to you.” Harry suggests. He pouts crossing his arms over his chest. He throws my phone back at me. I stick my tongue out childishly giving him the I win glare. Harry gives me a stern look making me drop my head opening my phone up to the contact list finding the mysterious A’s number.

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