[Jojen Reed] My Wildling {Imagine}

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{Smut} A/N; A little short I apologize.



"Y/N" Jojen says from behind you making you jump startled. You laugh nervously and he sits beside you. "Did I scare you Love?" he asks with his heavy accent. You blush lightly and lie your head against his shoulder "a little" you admit quietly. "Jojen why don't we do something different tonight?" you ask "Like what Y/N?" he asks sounding a little more nervous then you.

"Well we've never done anything we shouldn't" you whisper and kiss him gently starting to unbutton his fluffy coat living in the North means you have to dress up warm but you were currently inside so you should be able to undress a little. He kisses you a little harder then you expect and you end up breathless after kissing him.

He pulls you down on top of him and undresses you "are you sure?" he whispers you nod smiling and for the first time you forget about being a lady and he beings to gently thrust into you making you moan but you hate that he's so gentle. "Faster" you whisper "are you sure? I..I don't want to hurt you" he responds.

"Please" you beg so he does he thrusts into you faster and you moan uncontrollably finally you felt more like him a wildling not some silly northern lady. Once your done you lay panting beside the dying orange embers of the fire. Of course life wasn't always like it is now you used to be the sweetest lady a Grejoy even then you ended up promised to Bran Stark but you refused and on your wedding day you ran off into the woods your wedding gown tearing behind you.

Soon you grew tired and hungry after a few days you met Jojen and of course you fell for him things are perfect to you and you hope will always be like this. Little did you know by morning you would discover Jojen put a child inside you.

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