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Sex to me always seemed a bit overrated. The times I did have sex were enjoyable but I never saw the big hype. I never thought the experience was as good as the media presented it. That was until I had sex with Channing. Everything became crystal f-cking clear.

What made sex with Channing so euphoric wasn't just the things she did, but how passionate she looked when she did them. It was the smoldering blue eyes that was filled with lust that made me think of the naughtiest things imaginable. Her perfect body that she worked so hard for, those gorgeous, strong muscles made my knees wobble and weak. The masterpiece of a face and her textbook jawline had me soaking before she even reached for my panties.

While we had sex, she was always making things comfortable. Our first time together wasn't uncomfortable at all. We felt fine with seeing each other in the nude and pleasuring each other. Everything came so naturally. Channing was always giving me feedback telling me how much I turned her on or how well I was doing, and she made me reach my climax multiple times.

We went time and time again until we were completely worn out from sex. It was a jaw-dropping, exhausting and phenomenal experience. The feelings that Channing gave to me was unspeakable. I had to bite into a pillow so I wouldn't scream and awake the others. One time I even bit my lip and drew blood, but Channing made it all feel better with her tender kisses.

Once we were all done, we both fell asleep almost immediately and before I knew it, I was waking up. Channing was still asleep beside me with her hair disheveled and all over the place. I smiled softly before leaning over and kissing her forehead. The last thing I wanted to do was leave her bed, but I needed to get my clothes on so I could escape to my room and shower before anyone noticed.

After kissing her forehead, I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed. "Where do you think you're going? I'm not the type of girl you just hit and quit," the groggy voice said from behind me. I snickered and slowly turned back to face Channing. Her eyes were slightly open and she was smiling lazily. She looked so f-cking adorable. I just wanted to curl back up in bed and cuddle with her.

"I have to get out of here before the rest of the girls find out what we did," I explained to her.

Channing whined like a toddler before pouting. "But I don't want you to leave me, princess."

Of course I couldn't even protest against her with her cute ass puffy lips. Without any second thought, I rolled right back in bed beside of her. She eagerly smiled and wrapped her arms around me. "Now, give me a kiss," she said with her lips poked out.

I shook my head at her stubbornly. Her forehead wrinkled as she stared at me. "Why not?!" Instead of answering, I just subtly shrugged my shoulders. I reached across to her and began playing with her necklace that she always wore.

She looked down at my hand and gently took it so it would let go of her necklace. "Why can't I touch your cute mountain necklace?"

"Why can't I get a kiss? I made you scream last night."

I sighed and leaned over to kiss her lips. "You're way more gorgeous when you're silent."

"You're way more beautiful when you ride my face."

I laughed and pushed her shoulder playfully. "You know just the romantic things to say! Aren't you the wonderful girlfriend?!"

"Am I your girlfriend," Channing asked with her eyebrows raised. A slight smirk came upon her lips. We hadn't made things official and I had let the word slip right out of my mouth.

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