Component 27 - Behind Bars

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"You know, you really should talk to me." Ramona said, pushing her face up between the bars of her cell to his.

"I don't want to talk to you." Angon grumbled from the floor of his own cell.

The pair had been sitting in prison for two days, going on a third. Angon had no way of knowing if his friends were even trying to get him out.

"You think they're coming for you, don't they?" Ramona giggled, and skipped a circle around her cell.

"Come on, be more talkative or this is going to be awful." Ramona said.

Angon mumbled, "It already is."

As Ramona gathered the hay on the floor to make a bed, Angon stared up at the small barred window. How he wished he could fit through there. But they'd come up several flights of stairs—Who knew if the fall would be survivable.

"Just tell me your name!" Ramona whined, stomping her feet from a laying position.

"Fine." The forge said. "My name, is Angon... and I'm a forge... I don't know who I was or am, or much of anything. My journey was to go to the north and enter Angel's Outpost. My creator is said to be there, and I believe he will give me the answers I need.

My favorite color is green, I don't like snow, I like the stars at night... and that's all."

Ramona sat up and stared, unblinking. "All I asked for was your name."

Angon didn't move, and continued to stare out the window.

"My name is Ramona Monkey—"

"Don't care." Angon said.

Ramona slapped her knee. "Well, aren't you the rude one?"

"I didn't ask your name." Angon flatly stated.

The Halfling girl sighed and leaned back against he wall, staring out the cell door, and down the hall.

Torches were the main source of light in the halls of the prison tower, and something was strange about the way their light was reflecting.

"What's this?" Ramona whispered, crawling on her knees to the door.

She held out a bowl made of reflective metal and attempted to angle it to see clearly. The torches were whipping about as if something were disturbing them. Wind? Or was someone moving rapidly, like in a fight?"

"Angon, I think someone's taking out the guards!" Ramona said.

"So?" He grumbled.

"That means your friends might actually be breaking us out of here!" Ramona nodded. "They're good friends indeed! Yes, they are!"

"Wait..." Ramona said. "The fighting's stopped. But we didn't even hear a sound."

"How can you tell all of that?" Angon looked up, his yellow glowing eyes showing hope.

"Because someone's coming this way; walking in a calm manner." Ramona said.

Then when the figure approached, Ramona crawled back, picking up her bowl and holding it out like a shield.

Curious as to why Ramona was looking so afraid, Angon craned his neck to look out the cell and across to hers.

Standing, with her hands on her hips was a woman orc, with her hands on her hips.

"Who are you?" Angon asked.

The orc glared at the forge and shook her head. "Hold on, I'll deal with you in a minute. First I have business to attend to with the Halfling.

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