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What is CTC? ★

Cover To Cover - The CTC book club/magazine is everything you need to improve your life on the wattpad community.

While the book club focuses on the books the authors need to advertise and help them gain more readers and reviews, The magazine provides free advises on writing books here on wattpad.

If you have any queries, feel free to drop them as PM's or comments and our experts will get to you on the issue. CTC interviews the two authors of the week and their interview will be published here in the CTC book. In addition, the magazine also provides short poem and write ups on a weekly basis.

Who runs the CTC?

The CTC is run by readers and writers alike. Because without you guys, this book or the writers would not exist. But to introduce you to the Writers behind the screen, here is a very short bio on each of our Admins.

Cumberstone : She is the allocation panelist over seeing the distribution and advertisement of the allocated books. With four fan-fictions and four original works that includes the ongoing horror mystery tale - Victoria Brooks : The deal - that has hit #520 on wattpad's hot list of 1000 books in the paranormal category she is on duty to help your books get almost the same attention.

dizzydimitri : He is also the allocation Panelist overseeing the distribution and advertisement of the books. With his recent hits Orphans can love too, Baby Drama and something for my beloved Dimitri has made a mark on wattpad. He runs a Collaboratory account with Cumberstone called Dimi_Stone , working on their new teen thriller/science fiction - Ascension.

EnigmaticGhoul : He is our advice panelist offering advises and tips concerning writing books for beginners and experts alike. A very friendly person with two books on wattpad. He also runs a co-lab account called Mrandmrsenigma with hit books that gain a vast amount of attention

Shaumiee1832 : She is our write ups expert also part of the four member Admin panel. She has written two books that have captivated most of the Marvel fandom with her brilliant imagines and her book - the odd quatre. A very Jovial person who would be glad to help you out if you guys need any help or advice.

How does CTC work ?

CTC is a club that aims a win-win situation for all the members. Now as we may have already informed you, CTC will have five segments :

1-Book Allocations :

In this segment run by cumberstone and dizzydimitri , two authors will be chosen in a random manner and their works will be featured as "Spotlight preferences." The other members are required to read at least three chapters from the authors book and post really helpful comments (That does not include 'I love this work.').

How is is a win-win situation if you all give them feedback?

Here is the catch, the authors are required to read your comments and dedicate their next update for the one comment that proved to be helpful. This way you get a shout out on their book through their dedication, and you give them feed back.

What if their book is completed?

They are required to give you a shout out.

2.Interviews :

In this segment the two authors whose books were featured will be interviewed by members from our admin panel cumberstone and dizzydimitri. These exclusive interviews will be featured here.

Note : If the authors are not available to take an interview at the moment, they are asked to PM us. This interview session may take place on Mondays and Thursdays so they can be analysed and featured here on Tuesdays and Fridays. If the author does not respond the interview shall take place on Saturday so it can be posted on Sunday.

3. Advices.

This segment will feature advises and tips on writing books on wattpad exclusively put up by EnigmaticGhoul. The advises put up here are meant for beginners and pro's alike. If you have any questions regarding wattpad and writing books please comment them addressing them to EnigmaticGhoul.

4. Poetry

Now, this is a creative corner where Admin dizzydimitri will write poems that the members can read and enjoy. These poems can also be used as inspirations for new books that you've been wanting to write for so long. As always if you guys have doubts or support you can contact dizzydimitri who would be more than happy to help you.

5.Write ups

This is another creative corner run by Shaumiee1832 where short write ups will be posted on a thematic basis for each week. This write up may range anywhere from Regular stuff to super marvel stuff. This corner is intended for fun, relaxation and inspiration. If you guys need any help with going about on wattpad or if you a beginner Shaumiee1832 would be happy to help as long as you ask her.

How do you become a member of CTC?

Now this is the easy part. All you have to do is Fill in the application form given in the next chapter and submit as a comment only on that chapter.

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