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| ending of last chapter |
I turned around and I motioned for Jasmine I come up to my room. She followed and we talked. She was a cool person. And bisexual as well...

| jasmine P.O.V |
Omg Maria is gorgeous. She bisexual just like me. She's super funny and awesome.
"Hey wanna go get Starbucks?"-m
I love Starbucks
We got up and told the boys where we were going

J.C tried coming with but I told him I wanted to be alone with Maria to get to know her
| Maria's  P.O.V |
I wondered why jasmine hadn't of let J.C come with us. Oh well.

Jasmine and I started to play twenty questions to get to know eachother
"Fav food"-j
"Chicken fries"-m
"Fav movie"-m
"The notebook"-j
It's like we were twins
| jasmine's P.O.V |
I really wanted to kiss Maria. We were like meant to be together. She was awesome and liked almost everything I did.

I kept looking at her because she was beautiful. I wanted to lean in but I was afraid she didn't feel the same way.

| Maria's P.O.V |
Jasmine kept looking at me and had this little twinkle in her eye. I kept giggling because she was super cute. I wanted to kiss her. I started to lean in slowly....

| Jasmine's P.O.V |
Maria started leaning in slowly and so did I.
I was excited to kiss her.
But then out of nowhere the guys came up and ruined the moment (assholes😂)

Maria came up to me after the boys were ahead of us and whispered
"We'll have our moment again bbg"
Then kissed my cheek and ran up to kian and jumped on his back
There babes I finally updated. I love you all. Please keep reading
Love you all tons

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