Chapter Sixty Four

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Charlie searched for his girlfriend, wondering where she had disappeared off to.

"Yes?" he jumped as she jumped down from a tree.

He clutched his chest. "Okay, we have to agree on something, right here right now."

"What's that?" Anora asked him straightening her shirt.

"No more jumping out or sneaking up on each other."

"I can't promise you that Charlie." she grinned at him.

"Where did you even go?"

"Well, I wasn't about to stick around there after touching one of the eggs."

"You actually touched one of the eggs."

"I did and it was great!"

"Anora, you-...which one did you get to touch?"

"A Hebridean black...oh it was lovely."

"I wish you would have let me in on the plan before you ran off."

"Plan? Charlie, I don't plan, I just do it."

"You mean wing it?" he smirked at her.


The woman's smile faded as she noted Roscoe's injuries as he leaned against a nearby tree.

"Oh no...Roscoe." she approached the dragon slowly, lowering herself to where his head lay.

His cuts were deep from the female's claws and he almost appeared ashamed of himself for getting involved in such a situation. Anora's hand slowly reached for him and touched his head lightly, not going anywhere near the wounds on his neck.

"We should call Sebastian out here." she said. "He's definitely going to need some healing."

"Alright, " Charlie nodded, " I don't think he'll be moving from here anytime soon, you grab Sebs and I'll go explain to Magnus what happened."

"Are you sure you want to deal with Magnus?" she asked him.

"I'll take care of him this time, I know you want to stay with Roscoe. I'll meet you back here."

"Sounds good."

When the witch and wizard left, Norberta neared Roscoe who avoided meeting her eyes and turned his head and his entire body away from her. After all she had done for the moronic dragon, she would have expected him to show a little respect her way. She growled and placed herself in front of him, snarling at him.

He didn't react which made her temper flare even more as she clawed at the ground blowing smoke in his face.

Roscoe couldn't believe the pesky little dragon before him. One minute she was helping him, the next she was challenging him even in his wounded state. In that moment he didn't want anything to do with any female dragon after he had been humiliated by several of them. He was enraged that he had to expose his belly, but he knew all too well that he couldn't take on all those female dragons and be expected to live.

Norberta was only making things worse by trying to establish her need for respect in front of him and he wasn't in the mood. He swiped his large tail out at her causing her to back away, startled that he would even think to attack while injured. She swiped at him in return causing Roscoe to become even more upset than he already was. Using his remaining strength, he rose to his feet and went to bite at the dragon.

She thought she was being clever by moving away but she only fell into Roscoe's trap which involved using his heavy and strong tail to knock her back roughly into a tree. Norberta was down and Roscoe's exhaustion made him go down as well.

Anora arrived on scene with a worker by the name of Baxter and Sebastian to tend to the dragon. Baxter was back up in case, Roscoe decided to be fresh during his treatment. However, when she came upon the clearing she was stunned by the scene before her. Norberta down on the ground, not moving while Roscoe laid there, his tail lashing back and forth slightly like an irritated cat.


Roscoe watched as Anora didn't run over to him but rather to the small female. She lifted the dragon's head into her lap and called over to the healer who was supposed to be tending to his wounds, not Norberta.

Anora looked over to Roscoe, her eyes questioning what had happened in the short time that she was gone.

It didn't take Charlie long to return and with him was Magnus, upon seeing Norberta lying on the ground, he rushed over.

"What happened?!" he asked Anora.

"I don't know. I came back to this...I can only assume they might have turned on each other."

As much as Charlie liked to believe that the dragons they worked with were tamed, they would never be fully tamed. They were wild beasts and of course had wild beast tendencies. He couldn't be upset with Roscoe if he did in fact attack Norberta. It was the way of the dragons, the majority of them kept to themselves, wanting no interaction with other dragons unless necessary.

Roscoe was better with human interaction than the majority of dragons but it didn't make him less of a dragon and with his size and strength, it was a cold reminder to see Norberta lying there, that he was still lethal.

Charlie stood by Roscoe looking into the dragon's crimson gaze who watched Anora intently before peering up at him. He wasn't one to believe that dragons showed much emotion but as Roscoe looked at him, the dragon seemed apologetic.

"It's okay, Roscoe."

When Norberta finally regained consciousness, the first voice she heard belonged to the colorful man which unsettled her instantly. She jerked her head up, feeling a swelling pain in her back. The colorful man was a short distance away from her, but standing in front of her was Anora. Looking around, Norberta saw Charlie at Roscoe's side as the healer tended to the dragon's wounds.

He didn't notice that she was up and moving, but as Norberta looked to Anora, the normally fiery look in the woman's eyes was gone, and in place was a look of concern.

"It's alright, Norberta." her voice called to her softly. "Everything is going to be okay."

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