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As he held his new born son he got a call from Sapphire he was lucky Carrie was asleep he set his son down and walked out into the hall.

Chris:Yes Fire?

Sapphire:When are you coming over?

Chris:Tomorrow night and I'm only going to get tested ok?

Sapphire:Ok,bye Chris.

Chris:*sighs* whatever

Chris walked back into the room to see Carrie waking up he gave her a kiss and sat down next down to her. He felt guilty he wanted to tell her but he couldn't.

Carrie:Chris I love you

Chris:I love you too

Carrie:You wouldn't cheat would you?

Chris:No why?

But Chris knew that it was too late to tell her now. He thought to himself he couldn't say no more he had to keep it a secret now. How could he be so dumb?

Carrie:Cause we've been together so long I just don't want us to end.


Chris got in the hospital bed and lie next to her she layed her head on his chest and fell asleep. But Chris was still awake staring at the ceiling with things lingering in his mind.

The Next Night

As Chris was in the car sitting in the parking lot of the hospital he was nervous what if this was his child it would be a disaster! That's when he saw something surprising come out the hospital something beautiful.

Sapphire:*knocks on the window* Come on in

Sapphire was so beautiful and Chris couldn't believe he didn't notice until now. She was black and Dominican with long curly hair she had on a half shirt with some booty shorts. She had a big ass with some huge boobs which were halfway out of her shirt.

Sapphire:Come on Chris.

Chris got out the car and hugged her then walked inside to see a little boy sitting there. He was adorable with his hazel eyes just like his momma's.

Chris:What's his name?


Chris:Hi Curtis


An hour later after they took the test the doctor came out with some news.

Doctor:Chris,Sapphire,and Curtis?

Chris and Sapphire walked up to her to hear the news.

Doctor:Chris Curtis is not your son sorry.

Chris:Thanks doctor.

He didn't want to over react and hurt anyone's feeling by shouting and shit so he just kept his excitement on the low.

They all walked out to their cars before Chris ft in Sapphire left Curtis in the car and walked up to Chris.

Sapphire:I'm sorry Chris

Chris:It's all good

Sapphire pushed him against his car and leaned up on him so that her kitty was touching his dick. She moved his hands up to her breast.

Sapphire:I'm always here if you want me I know you do

She whispered in his ear and then kissed his cheek. That's when they saw all the flashes of cameras in their faces. Chris knew that this was gonna be on a magazine cover why did this have to happen right now at this time...

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