Chapter 6

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Yoongi's p.o.v

Now I'm even more curious about the creature known as Park Jimin.

He completely avoided my little comment. "Well would you look at the time, you should get too class, you wouldn't want to be late." He said turning my body around and pushing me out the library. "Run my gazelle, be free."

I decided to not push the subject and went to class. I would ask him about it later though. I'm not one to give up on things I want to know. When I ask a question, it better be answered.

"Fine, Fine." I had my suspicions and theories. He's always wanted to talk to me, huh. Always wanted to be my friend? Then why didn't he try?


Then again I could understand. My aura wasn't to bright and I did find his over enthusiastic behavior annoying at times but he is bearable now that I've gotten to know him the small bit that I have.

I walked into my first class right as the bell rang and sat down in my seat in the back of the classroom. Namjoon was sitting to my right, Jin right behind him and Hoseok behind me.

Squad's all here.

Jimin sat on my desk and I didn't care until our teacher began writing on the board.

"I can't see." I whisper to him. Namjoon looks at me, but realizes I hadn't said anything to him and looks back at the board.

"Park Jimin."

"What, you want me to move?"

"Seriously." I roll my eyes, not wanting to play this game. I push him off my desk and burst out laughing really loud due to the look on his face as he fell on his back between my row and Namjoon's. Everyone stopped to look at me.

"Sorry." I shut my eyes and cover my face to hide the embarrassment. Damn it Jimin.

"You good?" Hoseok tapped my shoulder and asked. I turned my head and nodded before resting my head on top of my arms on my desk, groaning internally.

That's when I felt someone poking my sides. I lift my head up and shoot him the deadliest glare I could whiff up and that stopped his actions really quick.

"Sorry." He murmured and sat down on the floor next to me cross legged, his head leaning on my arm. I looked down at his orange locks of hair and was tempted to run my hands through them but resisted the urge to do so.

At the end of class, Jimin stood so I could get up and I grabbed my books of the table. Hoseok came up behind me, walking right through Jimin and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, leading me out the classroom.

"What's up man, you're definitely distracted."

"Uh, didn't get enough sleep again." Which was a lie, I actually slept well, even if I was on the floor.

"That's surprising. Two nights in a row? Where's the real Yoongi?"

"Oh shut up." I say, shoving his arm off of me. I glanced back to see Jimin was following close behind.

"Is it really sleep deprivation or is it a boy?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Hoseok, please, as if I'd go for any guys in this school." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Never said he had to be in this school." Hoseok shrugged.

"We both know I don't go out anywhere."

"It could be a pizza delivery guy, someone online for all I know. But your mind is off somewhere else and the only time that happens is if there's a guy or something drastic happened. And I don't see any tragedies involving you around here Yoongi."

Well, that's cause you can't see Jimin.

"I can assure you that the only guys I talk to are you, Namjoon, Jin, and J-" I cut myself off. Shit. Hopefully he didn't catch it.

"J-who?" He smirks. He caught me.


"No, no, no, no, complete this other guy's name." Fuck.

"Jungkook." I come up with suddenly. Hoseok's eyes widen.

"Jungkook? He's not your type though."

"What is my type then?" I laugh.

"I don't know but it's definitely not Jungkook."

"See, nothing to worry about then. Anyways, isn't he dating Taehyung?" I ask.

"I wouldn't know."

"Oh yeah, they're hella together." Jimin said right next to me. I jumped. I forgot he was there.

"Oh well."

"You wanna hang out after school with squad?"

"I can't, I have plans."

"With Jungkook?" Hoseok questioned and scoffed.

"No, with my homework."

"You choose your homework over your best friends, how rude."

"Sucks to suck."

"You would know."




And that concludes that. A bit short, sorry. I decided vkook even though I was considering vhope.

That's all, hope you enjoyed.

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