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Chapter 1

My eyes were trained on Mike, and I inwardly sighed at how cute he was. His curly, blonde hair lied limply on his forehead, causing small winglets to brush his deep-green eyes, and a serious expression was glued to his imperfectly perfect face as he studied the test that sat on the desk before him.. Mike had always looked cute when he was concentrating, I inwardly sighed, and then quickly corrected my though, Hell, he always looked cute.

Suddenly, a grin spread across Mike's scarlet-red lips, and perking up his shoulders, he took his tan, masculine hand and circled an answer on his test sheet. I smiled happily, and a small giggle escaped my lips.

"Hush," my table partner, Alex, said and glared at me. "Some of us are trying to take a test, while you, on the other hand, are ogling Mike Jones." With one, last, penetrating glare radiating out of his deep brown eyes; he turned back to his test and began to circle answers.

I could feel my cheeks heating up from embarrassment, and I quickly apologized and resumed to work.

I wonder how Mike will respond to my love-confession tonight, I pondered, my pencil an inch away from circling my answer. Will he cower in disgust? Or, possibly, will the feelings be mutual?

The dismissal bell for third period filled my ears and I lye my writing utensil in my bright colored pencil pouch, before hauling my bright-blue book bag over my shoulder. I gathered up all of my binders and belongings, and held them against my chest, and then picked up the test sheet. I walked over to Mr. Lake's desk and handed him the sheet of paper, giving him a small smile-which he kindly returned-and then walked out of the classroom.

"Elyse!" I abruptly heard as I quickly walked down the vacant and crowded hallway.

I stopped walking and looked over my shoulder. It was Linda, one of my other best friends. She ran towards me, her golden-blonde hair flopping and a bright grin plastered on of her face. Once she caught up with me she paused for a minute to catch her breath, and then we proceeded to walk down the hallway. "Hey," I said and smiled.

"Hey," Linda said with eagerness in her tone. "I have great news!"

I cocked my head to the side and narrowed my eyes in curiosity as I surveyed her. Linda had always been the calm, considerate, and cool one. She rarely ever showed any kind of enthusiastic emotion, unless she was truly happy about something, and right now, with her bright, sparkling blue eyes and radiating smile, I could tell she was insanely excited for some reason. I just didn't know what or who it would be about.

"Why are you being so... giddy?" I asked, and widen my eyes for effect. "You're barely ever...loud. You usually remain-well, composed."

"There's going to be a winter dance!" Linda blurted.

"And?" I said, unfazed by the new information.

"Well, you remember Tom Johnson, right?" Tom Johnson was Linda's two-year crush. They met in Newspaper Club two years ago. Tom was the editor and Linda was assigned to do the teasers. The two helped one another, and as years passed-two, to be exact-Linda started to develop feelings for Tom. She believed that her feelings for him were only one-sided, though Mike, Jessie, and I believed that Tom, too, had feelings for Linda. The two were just oblivious to the true feelings that they held for one another.

Once nodding, confirming her assumption, Linda continued.

"Well, we were in newspaper today and he asked me to be his date!" she squealed and grinned widely.

Turning a corner, I looked over at her and smiled. "That's great, Lindy! Have you told Jess?" I raised an eyebrow in questioning.

"No, not yet, but she's in my next class," Linda said. "Listen, I have to go; I'll see you at lunch." She gave me one last smile before entering a near classroom.

I sighed, continuing to walk down the hallway. I'm happy for, Linda-I am, I thought. But I can't help but be a little envious. I mean, her crush asked her out, and it's obvious that his feelings are mutual. But with Mike; it's different. Our feelings for one another are different. I like him way more than a friend, though he likes me like a sister. Emotions and feelings.... They suck.


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