Chap. 7

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Author's Note: After my Editor read this, she was horribly confused. So let me clear something up. Jack = Alice's stepdad
Drew = Alice's stepbrother.

Hope this helps <3 Sorry for the confusion ahead of time! If you have any questions comment, and I'll be sure to answer (:
Btw, in Alice's POV, it's her mom she's talking to... I mentioned in the last chap. how her parents were coming. If you don't remember, I'm sorry. I'll try to remember to start doing Recaps at the beginning of the chapters...
Enought rambling, enjoy!


Alice's POV

“Careful” I ordered, as Drew helped Spencer into his wheelchair. “Be careful.”

“Mom” Spencer snapped.

“Sorry, I’m just nervous.”

Drew helped Spencer get situated in his wheelchair and then he turned to glare at me.

“One more word, and I will snap your head off.”

“Drew, that is quite enough. Don’t be rude to Aly” mom said, taking Spencer’s wheelchair. She led him into the house.

He sheepishly smiled at me. “Sorry. I’m just stressed out. I’ve got my coach and agent on my back.”

“You can go back if you need to. I’m sorry for keeping you here” I said, as he opened his arms for me.

I melted into them, allowing him to comfort me.

“Come on, I’ll make you a Cappuccino.”

“It’s amazing how I’ve only known you for half of my life, and you already know what I like.”

He led me into the house, where Jack was sorting through the mail.

“Hey bud” Jack said, handing me a letter.

I sat on the kitchen table and opened my letter.

“Oh wow I’m old” I said, staring at my Ten-Year Class Reunion Letter.

Drew read over my shoulder as I scanned the letter.

“It’s gonna be held at your high school? Lame.”

I jabbed him in the stomach. “Aren’t you supposed to be doing something?”

“When is it” Jack asked, as he got started cooking dinner.

“A month from yesterday” I said, rereading the letter.

“Are you going?”

I nodded. “I’d love to see some of my old friends.”

“What about Blake? And Amanda” Drew asked.

I rolled my eyes. “If I get things to go my way, Blake will be in jail by then. And Amanda won’t show up without him, she never had any friends besides Blake.”

I hopped off the table and grabbed the Cappuccino Drew was sipping.

I took it with me out into the living room, where Spencer was lounging on the pullout couch, watching TV.

“Hey baby, how are you feeling” I asked, kissing his forehead.


“Where’s Trey?”

He shrugged. “He and grandma were here a minute ago.”

I saw Trey come back in from the garage, carrying some pillows he must have gotten from the attic.

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