02 ; Chapter Two

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song of the chapter is Justin Bieber & Halsey's The Feeling

Opening the small shoe-box with my name on it was like delving into the past. I moved objects around the box, a small smile coming to my face upon noticing the diamante clips we had each bought so that we could match when we were fourteen. By now, the clips were missing more diamantes than they had and the once shiny silver clip was now a dull grey.

I couldn't help but smile to myself as as I reached a palm up to brush away stray tears that had managed to stream from my eyes without me noticing. I gently lifted out the small blonde hair teddy-bear doll that I had bought her. I could remember Pandora telling me that she had put her away once she had started to show her age through her loss of a limb. In the box, her arm sat beside her, completely detached from her body. 

It was only after I lifted the doll out that I noticed the envelope, slightly bulging in the middle where my name was scrawled neatly in Pandora's familiar handwriting. Without over analysing it, I took the envelope out and abandoned the box as I pushed it from my lap and concentrated on the envelope.

It was loosely stuck down so I dragged my index finger along the gap and ripped it open, the tearing being the only thing that could be heard in the otherwise silent room. The noise of the crackling of the paper as I took it from the envelope sounded unnatural and I tried desperately to quieten it.

Tentatively, I reached inside and felt my fingers brush against various pieces of paper. I pulled out a few and saw that it contained more other smaller envelopes, each with different names on them. Confused, I sifted through them until I saw the smaller one with my name on it.

The curiosity was deafening and I couldn't stop myself from loudly ripping open the letter to see what was inside. The page was folded up several times and heavily scented with Pandora's perfume.

Dear Viv,

I'm not really sure how to begin this but I suppose I'll have to try. You're probably sitting in my room while reading this, the curiosity too much for your little self to handle. The only thing you need to remember Viv is that curiosity killed the cat. Don't be the cat.

The reason behind this letter is that I need one last favour. I need you to deliver these letters to those who's names are addressed on them. No one else must read them - I hope you understand that Viv. I did some really horrible things. You're one of the main examples of my cruelty. You were a rose, Viv, and I was the weed that sprang up, choking your roots. I cut you off from everyone and it wasn't necessarily my intention at the time, but it got to the stage where losing you was something I feared the most.

Because you were and always will be my best friend, you were the only person who saw any good in me. You saw past the lies and god knows there was plenty of them. And that's why I need to put all of this right. I should have told you face to face but I wouldn't have been able to take the anger in your eyes. I didn't want you to hate me. But I lied Viv - which is probably no surprise to you as we both know I did it all the time. But this lie wasn't just any old lie. I wrecked your relationship with Jake.

It was at this part that I had to stop reading. My eyes had widened so much that it hurt to blink and I kept reading the last phrase over and over until it stopped making sense in my head. Until the words were no longer words and simply squiggled lines on the page.

I wrecked your relationship with Jake.

I shook my head, fear etching itself onto my face. I was terrified of what was about to come. In a twisted way I was praying that she hadn't been lying. Praying that I hadn't defended her claims against my own brother.

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