The Night Out

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Chapter three of Unexpected

~The morning~

Isaac woke up with a smile on his face, knowing that the most beautiful and wonderful girl of his life is safe in his arms. She woke up starring into Isaac's dramatic blue eyes and smiled. He whispered in her ear, "Good morning, love." She gave him a light morning kiss and then got out of bed and pranced into his bathroom with her clothes in her hand. He sat up and then she ran out and tackled him down on the bed and they fell down onto the floor together play fighting. Then she said trying not to laugh so much, "Good morning, boyfriend." He smiled and kissed her. Then she ran back into the bathroom and got dressed and redid her makeup. Isaac layed on the floor waiting for Lydia to be done he turned over to his side looking under his dark bed, there was glowing red eyes watching him steadily. Isaac jumped up and then grabbed his clothes and put them on. After that Lydia came out looking stunning like usual, Isaac said with his mouth wide opened almost drewling, "Wow Lyd, yo-your beautiful." Lydia smiled and said back, "Your not too bad yourself." They laughed and then Isaac grabbed her waist and said, "Lets go get something to eat." Lydia nodded and grabbed his hand holding it tight while they walked out the door. They got into Isaac's car and drove to the beacon hills corner deli. When they got there it started to rain a little so Issac parked the car and ran out with his jacket and opened Lydia's car door putting the jacket over both of them. When they finally got inside they sat down in a booth by the window. The waitress came over and asked them what they wanted to drink. Isaac said a coke and Lydia said a tall caramel frappacino with extra caramel. Isaac laughed and Lydia turned to him and said in a cute baby voice, "What?" Then the waitress brought there drinks over and Isaac asked Lydia what she wanted to eat. She ordered a vegetable omlet and a side of hashbrowns. Isaac ordered the same. Then the waitress brought there food and the receipt. Isaac licked his lips looking at the food with his eyes wide. Lydia laughed. After two bites Isaac looked like a mess, he had cheese all over his face. So Lydia got up and sat right next to him in his side of the booth and whiped his face with a napkin. He looked at her and said, "Thanks." She smiled and got up and sat in her booth. When they were done Isaac payed the waitress and ran to the car in the pouring ran holding Lydia's hand. Before they got into the car Isaac said, "Lydia, will you dance with me?" She laughed and said, "In the rain? Your crazy!" He smiled and said, "Crazy in love with you." She smiled and said, "Okay lets dance." So Isaac spinned her into his arms and lifted her up and danced for about thirty minutes. And then they got into the car soaking wet. Isaac drove off to his house and they went inside and got cleaned up and put dry clothes on. It was 1:00 and Isaac and Lydia layed on the couch thinking of things they could do before the party. Isaac said to Lydia, "We could bake a cake?" Lydia said, "We dont have any eggs." "We could play a board game?" He asked. She replied, "Im not a big fan of board games." He looked down and then Lydia said, "We could have sex?" Isaac's head rose right up and said, "Yeah we could do that. But I dont have a condom." She said, "Its okay, I have one in my bag." He smiled and blushed. She ran to go get it and came back and saw Isaac next to the fire place with a beautiful fire going and romantic music playing and the lights dimmed. She smiled and ran over to Isaac and wraped her arms around his waist from behind. He turned around and said, "I dont want to force you to do anything you dont wanna do." Lydia smiled and said, "But i do want to." He blushed and said, "Are you sure?" She laughed and whispered in his ear, "Are you a virgin, Isaac?" He looked at her lips and said, "Yes." Then Lydia grabbed his hand and said, "Me too." Then she kissed him and he kissed back. She took off his shirt while he put his hands up her shirt. He took her shirt off and then kissed her neck. Then they took off all there clothes. When they finished Isaac grabbed a blanket and wraped it around the two of them. They sat next to the fire watching it get bigger and then smaller and then bigger. She layed her head on his shoulder he turned his head and kissed her forehead putting his hands through her firery red hair. They both fell asleep and then woke up around 8:45. Lydia and Isaac got up and went to Isaac's room and got dressed for Scott's party. Lydia curled her hair and did smokey eye makeup and wore a beautiful red mini dress and black lace high heels. Isaac wore a polo shirt and a nice pair of jeans with sperry's shoes. When they were done getting ready Isaac told Lydia how beautiful she was and picked her up and carried her into the car. They drove off to Scott's house hearing the loud music a mile away. They got out of the car and rang the doorbell. Scott answered it and said with a smile on his face acting a little tipsy, "Come on in you two love birds!" Isaac and Lydia walked in and saw almost everyone from school in the room. Lydia said to Isaac, "Im going to go find Alison and tell her we are here. Okay?" He nodded his head and then she walked away. All of the sudden.Isaac heard a loud screeching noise and fell to the ground and looked over at Scott and he was on the ground holding his ears too. Isaac crawled over to Scott and yelled, "You hear it too!?" Scott yelled back, "Yeah! What is that?" Isaac and Scott looked up and everyone was gone. Then they looked at eachother confussed. A voice whispered, "Come upstairs to your bedroom, Scott and Isaac." They got up and felt like they were being pulled up the stairs to his room. Then Scott looked at Isaac and Isaac looked down and then opened the door. There mouths dropped and in front of them was Alison and Lydia hung by there hands and blood driping down there feet with ducktape over there mouth. Isaac and Scott jumped on the bed and cut the ropes with there werewolf nails. Lydia and Alison took the ducktape off and screamed starring at the opened window. Scott grabed Alison telling her its okay while she cried. Lydia fell to the ground crying and Isaac held her tight saying that shes okay. Isaac and Scott both looked at eachother still confussed. When they were all settled down they all walked downstairs and saw that everyone reappeared but it looked like they were being controlled. They all stood starring at Scott, Isaac, Lydia, and Alison with wide eyes and they looked terrified. Then the party guests all said, "Im coming. Im coming for all of you. You better do something smart and join me or we will kill you. All of you!" Then they all disappeared and Isaac took Lydia by her hand and said "We should leave." Then he turned to Scott and Alison and said, "Do you guys want to stay at my place with me and Lyd for the night?" Scott looked at Alison and she nodded her head and Scott said with a small smile, "Yeah, thanks." They all got into Isaac's car and drove to his house. When they got there Isaac unlocked the door and they all got inside. Isaac showed Alison and Scott there room and Lydia walked to Isaac's bedroom. Isaac walked in and saw her lying on his bed in one of his tshirts and boxers. She said, "I hope its okay if i borrow your clothes." He smiles and said, "I dont mind. You look cute in my clothes." She smiled and patted the bed telling him to cuddle with her so he did. When she was about to fall asleep she whispered in Isaac's ear, "I love you." He smiled and turned to her and kissed her. Then he said, "I love you too. I promise i will not let anything happen to you." She smiled and said, "I promise to do the same. Good night Isaac Lahey." He said back to her squeezing her tight, "Good night Lydia Martin."

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