Chapter Sixty Three

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"Do you hear thunder?" Anora said lifting her head and peering over at Charlie.

"No, I-"

The two adults' eyes widened as they whipped their heads to look behind them, only to see Roscoe moving towards them as fast as he could.

"Roscoe, no!" Anora jumped up quickly, waving her hands and motioning the dragon to stop. But Roscoe was set on reaching them before stopping.

Charlie looked back to the female dragons that were in the nesting area, all of them had their eyes locked on their location.

"Not good." he muttered, pulling Anora to the side.

A Romanian Longhorn female was the first to head in their direction as her nest was the closest to them.

"Anora, we have to get out of this area."

Anora looked back and forth between the incoming female and Roscoe.

"We can't just leave him to fight off an angry Mum, she'll tear his arse to shreds!" Anora frowned.

"We're also in her territory and she's not a fan of us to begin with."

He pulled her back behind several thick trees.

Roscoe came to a sudden halt at the sight of the Romanian Longhorn appearing before him. Without a second thought, she let out a stream of fire at him. One he had barely been able to dodge due to his size. He snapped back in return, trying to figure out what he had down to upset this female, only to finally see the nesting grounds in the distance.

The female coming towards him wasn't the only one, several of the female dragons from the nesting area were stomping over, letting out growls and snarls. Roscoe had certainly landed himself in hot water.

Thinking of the only possible thing he could do not to further upset the females, he lowered his head submissively, trying to prove that he was no threat to them or their eggs. A couple of females took notice of his submissive stance and returned to their eggs, while several remained eyeing the male.

"Ugh, they're going to kill him, Charlie!" Anora shook the man's shoulder. "We've got to do something."

"Anora getting involved in this is far to dangerous, even with other workers we're outnumbered right now. We have to let them settle this among themselves."

"But Roscoe doesn't stand a chance female dragons! He's still too young, even if he is huge. He's not fast either and all of them have speed on him."

"Relax Anora!" Charlie told her as she almost began to hyperventilate. "Panicking isn't going to help our situation."

A Hebridean Black snapped at Roscoe, who slowly backed away, but the females didn't look like they were about to let him go as they began to circle around him.

"I can't sit here and watch this happen!" Anora said going for her wand.

Charlie grabbed her arm. "Your wand isn't going to do him or you any good right now! Just stay calm."

"I can't stay calm...not when Roscoe is about to become tonight's roast!"

"He's fine....he's fine..." Charlie said, but he wasn't sure who he was trying to convince with his words, Anora or himself.

Suddenly, Roscoe was pinned down by his neck.

"Dammit Roscoe don't lay there and take it!" Charlie sighed as Anora seemed about ready to faint.

Norberta thought about leaving the area and allowing the females to handle Roscoe, but seeing the male drop in submission when he was almost twice the size of some of the females, just appeared pathetic.

No matter what he did, the females were still coming after him, he had even exposed his belly like a hatchling. Something inside Norberta stirred and she found herself stomping over in the direction of all the commotion. She caught sight of Charlie and Anora hiding a little ways away.

She knew if anything happened to the dim-witted dragon, the white haired one would have a fit and Charlie would have to spend more time trying to comfort her. If the white haired one was happy, the red haired one was happy and Norberta needed to keep it that way.

Charlie and Anora watched in confusion as Norberta appeared out of nowhere brushing passed one female and taking her place next to Roscoe, snapping at the other dragons.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Charlie asked.

Anora nodded her head confirming his eyesight was not failing him.

"She's actually standing up for him." Anora said.

"That'" Charlie said. "Dangerously stupid but cute. Alright, we need to help them."

"About time, I'm on it!" Anora said suddenly disappearing as she apparated.

Charlie stood in the same spot dumbfounded. "I meant together! I said we!"

He suddenly heard a high pitch whistle come from the nesting ground and the females heard it too.

"Oooh look at me, I'm about to touch your eggs!" he heard Anora yell.

Charlie facepalmed.

The females reared their heads and set eyes on the trespasser.

Charlie moved quickly while the females were distracted and moved to Roscoe's side where Norberta sniffed at the blood from one of his scratches.

"Alright, Roscoe, get up, come on." he pushed on the dragon's side. His boots slid in the mud unable to even budge the dragon.

Norberta reached Roscoe's flank and pushed alongside Charlie until Roscoe was back on his feet.

The two dragons moved along from the scene while Charlie turned around to see where Anora was but she was nowhere in sight.

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