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Trigger warning. Though a forced lemon isn't in this, it's heavily implied. You've been warned.

Y/n pov

"Ha! Look, she's crying!" "How pathetic!" "Weak!" The insults continued. I backed up. Three people were standing in front of me. All were bullies, prepared to fight. No. Not fight. Beat me to a bloody pulp. Not like a stand a chance anyways. Behind me was a forest. I could run there...but if they caught me, and really did beat me until I couldn't move, then what? What would happen? I decided to take the chance; maybe I could out run them. Maybe. I spun around, taking off. I heard laughing, then running as well. I tucked under low hanging branches, swatted them away, slid down small hills, jumped over fallen trees, but they wouldn't give up. Finally, I saw a house. It was old, abandoned most likely. So, I ran too it. I don't know why. But I did. As soon as I opened the door, dread flooded in, but I entered anyway. I slammed the door shut, locking it with a 'click'. I expected banging on the door, instead, nothing. I could hear them talking. "N-no way I'm going in there! You heard the stories!" "She's as good as dead!" "Let's just go!" What did they mean by that? I stayed in that spot for what seemed like hours, they were gone. They ran away. They...actually ran away. I looked up, examining the room. It was dark, the fading light in the windows illuminating it. The furniture were covered in grey sheets, the sheets used to be white. The paint was peeling, the wood chipped. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. It looked as if no one's been here in a decade. Maybe more. One thing caught my eyes. Something strange. Something off. A mirror. I walked closer. It was in perfect condition. Not covered up, no chipping wood. It looked brand new, no dust or dirt, no cracks. But, there were no footsteps leading to it, so how did it get here? I put the thought to the side. I examined myself instead. I looked like trash. Tears flooding from my eyes, dirt and grime sticking to my face, hair tussled and a mess, a leave stuck out of it. The worst part, though, was that it was me. I hated myself. Anger suddenly flooded in. Before I could think about what I was doing, I punched the mirror. My hand came back bloody, shards of glass clattered to the ground. I picked up one, instantly digging it in my wrist. I continued the action until both wrists were covered in crude cuts. Just as I was about to make another, though, something interrupted me. A low growling sound. I looked up slowly, at the shattered mirror. My reflection was gone. Replaced by a shattered one of another. I screamed, stumbling backwards. A hand shot out of the mirror, wrapping around my neck. I tried pulling away, succeeding. I slammed to the ground, looking up. As if strait from a horror movie, the creature was crawling out of the broken mirror. I screamed again, scrambling backwards. When it was fully out, less than a foot away from me. It chuckled darkly, the voice slightly echoing. "You..." He laughed, grabbing my ankle and jerking me closer, "Woke...me up..." He started laughing again. "I-I'm sorry! Pl-please l-let me g-go!" He simply slowly shook his head, "You....have to...pay..." "I-I could by a n-new mirror?" I suggested quickly, trying to kick his cold hand off. It was a boy, looking to be older than me. He had dark brown hair, he wore a black V neck with white trimming, and dark grey pants. His grip moved up my leg, pulling me closer. "No...Ssssomething...else..." I was now completely under him. I could see his face. It was covered in green cracks, a black liquid slipping out. He had glowing bright green eyes that now glared into mine. A wide smile stretched across his face. "You... broke.... my mirror... and... for whaaat?" He lowered his gaze to my wrists, chuckling. In a flash, he grabbed one, tightly clenching around the cuts. I gasped loudly, trying to rip it away. He just laughed at my attempts, tightening around them. "S-stop!" "Why should I...?" "I-It hurts!" He grinned, leaning in closer. "That's the point..." "Pl-please! St-stop! I-I'm sor-rry!" More blood poured out, dripping to the floor. He ignored my pleas, "I could...take your life..." Tears started to fall from my eyes, I was terrified. "Buut...Where's the fun in...that?" I shut my eyes tightly, whimpering softly. "Nooo..." He murmured, "That's not a fitting...punishment..." I sobbed, unable to even speak. He moved closer, our noses almost touching, "Any ideaas...?" He chuckled when I said nothing, "I've got...one." Blood continued to splatter to the ground; I started to feel light headed. "But first...why are you here...?" "I-I..." He mused silently, smirking, "You were chased...?" I opened my eyes again, staring at him in confusion. He simply laughed, "Poor little Y/n..." He started to scare me more, "All alone in this...harsh world...what ever will you do?" He laughed at my terrorized state. He leaned into my ear, whispering, "All you need to do is....sleep..." Almost as soon as he said that, I blacked out. I don't know if it was from blood loss, or something else.

I woke up on a bed, my wrists bandaged. Slowly, I sat up, looking around groggily. "Welcome back." A voice hissed in my ear. Instantly, I screamed, spinning to face them. It was the thing from the mirror, sitting beside me. He wasn't there before! Before I could scramble off the bed, he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me into his chest. He grinned amusingly, "You're dreams are plagued by the darkest of things...Did you know that?" I shook my head slightly, trying to push him away slightly. "Y/n," He whispered, "Do you know who I am?" I shook my head again, shaking. He pushed me down, crawling on top of me. "I'm many things....a murderer...a monster....a demon from hell...haha, but, too you, the worst of all... Do you know what you are?" I whimpered, shaking my head. He smirked against my neck, "You're my pet...my little toy to play with whenever I want...to do...whatever...I...want." As soon as he was one, he sunk his teeth into my neck, roughly biting and sucking at the skin. "S-stop!" I yelled, struggling.

It's been weeks, months even. This was how I lived now. Trapped in his psychotic little game. I could never leave. I could never fight back. "WHERE ARE YOU!?" I could distantly hear him scream, anger clear in his voice. I tried escaping, tried climbing threw the window. Something I've tried done often, escaping, trying anyways. I made it out once. Just as I almost got out of the woods, he found me. Every time got me a new punishment, each one worst then the last. I was hiding under a bed. Sure, I could come out and except my punishment; maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But, at the same time, I was too terrified to move. I heard the door slam shut. For once, I was glad I couldn't scream, only hold my breath. He stayed in the room, seconds ticking by slowly. Then, he left. I let out the breath I was holding. I closed my eyes, thinking I was safe. Seconds later, a cold hand grabbed my wrist, yanking me out of my hiding spot. "FOUND YOU!" I, in reply, screamed loudly, trying to scramble away. He watched my futile attempts boredly. Tears were already sliding down my face, "L-Let me g-go!" After five minutes of me struggling –literally not even doing anything to help– I gave up, hanging my head and sobbing. "You done?' He hissed. I didn't reply. He was leaning over from on top of the bed, tightly holding my arm, after a few seconds, he crawled down beside me. I waited for him to slap me, attack me, anything. But he only starred at me. I looked up slightly, instantly flinching and looking back down when I met his eyes. What felt like an eternity passed and he didn't do anything. "D-do something!" I pleaded, "H-hit me! Y-yell at me! Anything! J-just stop st-staring at me!" He remained motionless, expressionless. I weakly tugged my arm; his grip remained as it was. "Why...do you keep trying?" He hissed after a while. I looked up slightly, confused. "Even when you know it won't work...how you'll be punished?" I looked back down. Escaping. He was talking about how I kept trying to escape. "Why not just give up!?" He growled, yanking me closer. I stayed quiet, shaking harder then I already was. "Answer me!" I whimpered again, admitting quietly, "I-I don't kn-know..." He scoffed at my reply, "That's not god enough." "Because of you!" I suddenly snapped, surprising both him, and myself "Because of what you do! I don't even want to live because of YOU!" He flinched slightly, not expecting that. "I don't care about escaping anymore! I just want to die! Kill me! Pl-please..." My voice turned to a small whisper at the end, and I broke down into tears. I expected...well, I didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect what he did. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close, onto his lap. He simply held me, he didn't even speak. I rested my head on his shoulder, giving up. He stood up, still holding me, and laid me on the bed, getting in next to me afterwards. He pulled me close again. "I'm not going to kill you..." He finally whispered, gently placing a kiss on my head. "Neither will I continue to hurt you. If that's truly how you feel, Y/n, then let me make it up to you." "H-how?" I whispered against his chest. "Any way you want..." I closed my eyes again, snuggling against him, "C-can I know y-your name then?" He smiled, "That's a start. It's Mirrorlox."

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