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Edit: Some of these parts get kinda dark, not just with the story. I can't remember which one they were; I was kinda going through a random depressive state (For absolutely no reason), so yeah, I didn't have really any confidence or anything, so none were really fixed if they were wrong.

Y/n pov

I stood in front of the woods. A fence surrounded it, signs posted on them. "DO NOT ENTER!" "WARNING: MULTIPLE BODIES HAVE BEEN FOUND." The list goes on, all talking about a murderer in the woods, things related to that. I jumped up, grabbing onto the chain link fence. After a climbing a few seconds, I reached the top, swinging my legs over and jumping down. I, however, didn't fall so gracefully. I landed face first, getting a mouthful of dirt. The whole 'Cats always land on their feet', yeah, LIES! After I regained the ability to think, I stood up –and spat out quite a bit of dirt–. Finally, I continued my journey, walking for twenty strait minutes. Finally, when I thought I found a good spot, I stopped. I sat against a tree, ears swiveling around, searching for any noise. When I found nothing, I pulled out a razor. It was the perfect place to die. As said before, the woods were feared, so no one would find me. If they did, it would be too late. So, with a heavy heart, I slid the object across my wrist. No, I stopped half way. Not across. Down. I slid the object down my wrist. It was deep, blood bubbled out instantly. I managed to smile slightly, tears welling in. My tail curled around my leg, I sat the razor down, and waited. I shut my eyes, listening to the sound of the forest. That is when I realized something was wrong. There were no birds singing, no bugs scurrying around, no animals in sight. It was as if, everything was hiding. It was almost deafly silent, except for a soft sound. Footsteps crunching on fallen leaves. And something else, a dragging sound. As if whoever was there as dragging a large object across the ground, it seemed to get caught on twigs and leaves. It started to get closer, and closer. I was in no state to run. With blood covering my arm, clothes, and the ground. No way... I did the next best thing, just as they started to passed past thee tree, I crawled to the other side. I held my breath, deciding to take a glance. The first things I saw was a thick trail of red liquid behind them. The next was...what he was dragging. It was a body. I body covered in deep cuts, the handle of a knife sticking from their eye. Instantly, I hide back behind the tree, holding back a scream. I looked to the right, where I was before. The setting sun caught something, creating a flash. My eyes was my razor, glistening with fresh blood. At the same time, the dragging stopped. A small 'thump' was heard as it hit the ground. The sick sound of flesh stretching and blood gushing out was heard. I started to sleep as slow, heavy footsteps walked around the tree slightly. I could just barely see their blue shoes; they stopped just above the object, picking it up. Everything started to get hazy and dark, the full effect of what I've done taking over. Whoever was there followed the trail, stopping just in front of me. I weakly stared up at them, but everything was blurry. Then everything went black, and I hit the ground.

I woke up in a dark room, a small light illuminating the room slightly. I was on something soft, a bed possibly. I tried getting up, only to realize I was restrained. Instantly, I freaked out, tugging and struggling, somebody slammed me back down, "Stop struggling." A harsh voice hissed. I looked at whoever it was, seeing in unknown male. They had dark green hair with lighter green streaks, unnatural red eyes glaring into mine. I instantly recognized him as the one dragging the body. I screamed, struggling harder. He snarled in frustration, "Fine. If you want to act like that..." He grabbed a syringe, forcing my head to the side and stabbing it in. I screamed louder. My movements slowed as whatever it was shot into me. It continued like this until I was just barely twitching and silent. The man smiled, leaning against the bed. I groggily starred at him, "N-nmm." He chuckled darkly, "What was that? I can't understand you...could you try again?" "H-hhnnmm..." I gave up, weakly looking away from him. By doing so, I saw my arm. It was stitched up, and not covered in blood. I glanced back at him. "What, that? That's nothing. Why would you even do that? You should have just let me cut you open instead." I managed to glare at him, "Dnnm chngm sumjmmm." He just laughed, "You're lucky I can understand you. I'm sure you don't want to know why I did that so-" "NMM!" He laughed again, "Fine. I guess I'll tell...I simply wanted you to live. Why? I'm not telling that part." I wanted to curse him out, glaring at him. "You look drunk." "Fmmk yuu." "Ah, how nice of you to offer, I'd be glad," he giggled, "sitting beside me, "Except, it might be backwards. The fact that you're both tied down, and drugged," He crawled on top of me, leaning in close to my ear. "It would be so easy..." He dragged his tongue across my neck, placing a hand on my side. Terror drummed threw my veins. "But," He whispered, pulling out a knife, "I won't do that." He swung it at me. I couldn't scream, only wait for the pain. To my surprise, he cut the ropes instead. As soon as I was free, I tried running. But, with him still on my lap, and the fact that I was drugged, I only managed move my arm slightly. "So, you're name's Y/n, right?" I stared at him with half lidded eyes half way filled with confusion. The rest was...well, I don't know. He gave me a sweet smile, an actual sweet one, "Well, Y/n, I'm not going to hurt you. Not at all..." He scooted me over slightly, turning me on my side, and lying beside me. "Nmme." I awkwardly mumbled. He chuckled again, pulling me into his chest, "How rude of me, my name's Simon." I glanced at him, wanting to think about what was happening. But no, my drugged self cuddled up against him instead, falling asleep.

I forgot about the Neko part. I'm not fixing it. Enjoy this piece of worthless crap.
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