Insane Aphmau x Suicidal!reader

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Y/n pov

I jumped up onto the side of a bridge. On one side, the safe wooden bridge, on other other, the rushing current of death. I slowly walked along the two inch barrier. I would jump any second. I never really liked living. It was so...un-fair. How everyone you loved starts to hate you. How your family claims you were a mistake, a god awful one at that. I turned to face the water, putting one foot in front of me. Just as I was about to jump, someone grabbed my hand, yanking me back. I yelped, of course, startled. No one was there when I checked! And I didn't hear footsteps! "No." I female voice hissed, "I mean, I like seeing a good death, but only when I do it! I starred up at the girl in disbelief. She glared back, crossing her arms. She had jet black hair and dark maroon eyes. "Why would you do that? Take away the life you so desperately need!" "I-I...I don't kn-know." She rolled her eyes, "It's a good enough answer for now, but I'll get the full one later!" She held out her hand, smiling, "Name's Jess." I hesitantly took it, "M-my name's Y-Y/n." She smiled more, "Cute name!" I stood beside her awkwardly. "It looks like you need a friend, right?" I nodded slightly, "I guess I do...A friend sounds nice right now." She grabbed my hand, "Then we're officially friends!" I smiled as well. "Want to go watch a movie?" Jess suggested. I nodded, "Sure!"

Sorry she didn't seem really...insane.
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