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Y/n pov

I sat in my room, alone. I've always been alone. No one really liked me. At all. So, I tended to stay alone. Locked in my room, sharp things scattered around. I hated it. I was currently sitting on my bed, a razor in front of me. It looked comforting in a way. So, I grabbed it, slicing it down my arm. Not the usual across. No. I didn't want to relief my pan. I wanted to end it. Just as I did, I could hear the front door slowly open. I didn't care, if it was a robber, he could have anything he liked. Hell, he could take my body when I was dead for all I cared. I got up, locking the door. Just in case. I lay back down, turning to my side, back to the door. The blood stained the sheets, pouring from the new wound. I simply laid there, not reacting to the footsteps walking close. I shut my eyes, taking a deep breath. Just as I started to slip into unconsciousness, the door knob jiggled. It stopped, something being shoved against it. Was someone picking the lock? They certainly weren't quiet about it. The door opened, and finally, I blacked out.

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. At first, I was slightly startled. Them I was disappointed. I wasn't supposed to wake up... I sat up slowly, looking around the room. The lights were off, the room pitch black. I sighed slightly to myself, looking down at my wrist instead. It was bandaged, and...felt numb. 'That's new.' I thought, groping around the bed for anything. Too my surprise –and horror- I touched someone else's. I instantly jerked away, starring at where the person would be. They were sitting beside me, from what I could tell. There was a slight shuffling, before a light clicked on. I was indeed next to someone, a male. He had black hair, covering one red eye slightly. He wore a slightly ripped purple and white jacket, blood splattered here and there. Grey pants were also in the same way. A few seconds passed, just us starring at each other, than I shrieked. He flinched, attempting to hush me. I simply screamed louder, scrambling backwards. He rolled his eyes, cursing. He shoved me down, pinning me to the bed, and clasping a hand over my mouth. "Stop screaming!" He snapped, venom leaking from his words. I did, practically shaking. "If I remove my hand, are you gonna scream again?" I quickly shook my head. He did, however didn't get off of me. "Who are you!?" I instantly said. He smiled, "Name's Jin, and you are?" I glared at him, "Y/n." "Ah, Y/n, well, nice to meet you, how's your day going?" "Stop trying to strike a friendly conversation! Where am I!?" "In my humble home." "Why!?" He laughed slightly, "Well, you see, your house," He coughed, " 'Accidently' caught on fire...so-" "YOU BURNED DOWN MY HOUSE!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" "Well, when you say it like that... Anyways, Just a precaution." "For what?" I demanded, wanting to slap him. "Oh you know," He chuckled, 'So everyone thinks you're dead." I thought about how I just tried to kill myself, "You're kidding me, right?" Jin shook his head, "So, back to my previous question, how are you?" "Oh you knooow, fine. Just tried to kill myself. Then got kidnapped. The usual stuff." He laughed, "Man, don't you just hate it when that happens." I've had enough of him, attempting to slap him. Just before I did, he grabbed both of my arms, pinning them above my head. "Ooo, feisty! I like me a feisty women." I kneed him between the knees. He grunted in pain, flinching slightly, "Okay, I deserved that." "You deserve a lot more." I hissed. He grinned –After he pinned my legs down with his own-, "You're right, with all the lives I've taken." "W-what?" "Ever hear of the masked murderer?" I nodded slightly, the realized, "N-no...y-you're n-not..." he smiled, nodded to the wall. I glanced at it, seeing a mask. It was one that popped up in the news a lot, police sketches, video evidence of the murders, etc. I glanced back at him. "Didn't know the dangers of doing that did you?" I shook my head slightly, fear washing away the anger. He chuckled, "I won't kill you though." "W-why me?' I whispered quietly. "Hmm?" He hummed with a smirk. "Wh-why take me? Why n-not someone else?" He smiled a little bit more, stroking my cheek, "Because, you're perfect. When I saw you were trying to end your life, I simply couldn't let that happened." "Y-you were watching me?" He nodded, "For weeks." I looked away from him, "Why?' He grabbed my chin forcing me too look back at him, "As I said, you're perfect." "I-I'm not..." He glared at me, his entire act changing. Jin hissed, "Shut up. You should be happy I didn't kill you!" I flinched, shaking slightly. He was certainly terrifying when he was mad. His sneer turned back into a smile, "You're just perfect. Leave it at that, okay?" I nodded slightly; he stroked my cheek again, examining my features. I blushed slightly at the act, realizing he was still on top of me, "C-could you..." "No." "Didn't think so..." He laughed, flopping beside me. He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me close and burying his face between my breasts. I resisted the erg to slap him, blushing darkly. "Mh comfy." He purred. "Could you not do that...?" I asked quietly. He answered my question by pushing his face deeper. I blushed harder, attempting to push him off. But alas, he refused. "Seriously, stop." Really wanted to slap him. "Hah, I was thinking about it... buuuut...since you asked. No." "Oh come on! Are you serous!?" He laughed against my chest, pulling me closer, "Just hush, lay there, and go back to sleep." Jin smiled, shutting his eyes and basically falling asleep. "You're not serous. Please tell me you're not actually asleep..." He made fake snoring sounds. I sighed to myself, giving up. I laid myself completely, closing my eyes as well. Jin smiled, moving up to my height -thankfully out of my chest-, this time, I was smushed into his chest. "Is this better?" He said with a slight giggle. "Yes." I admitted, moving closer to him. "Finally giving in?" I nodded slightly. He pulled me closer, "Good, I'm not letting you go. Perfect lil Y/n."

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