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Darkiplier x Mute!Neko!Anorexic!reader

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Please note: This could be triggering, so be warned. Anorexia is a serious illness that should not be taken as a joke. I'm not laughing at it, or making fun of it, I'm just writing what someone asked. Don't think I'm a bad person for doing this.

Y/n pov

I sat alone on my bed, starring at my disgusting body, making my tail twitched at the thought. How much I wanted to do it. How much I wanted to sit down in front of the toilet and force out what little I had. But, I couldn't. Mark, someone who actually loved me, stood in front of me. Starring at me with dark eyes. He frowned, "Please?" He repeated. I glanced at the piece of fruit that rested in front of me. "Please, for me?" I looked back down, then back at him. With eyes that read, 'Do I have too?' He sat beside me, gently grabbing my hand, "Y/n, how many times to I have to tell you? You're beau-" I quickly shook my head, tears threatening to fall. He frowned again, pulling me into a hug. "Please," He begged, "I don't want anything to happen to you. I don't care about what you look like; I only care about who you are." A freak, I wanted to say, but couldn't. "Please, just one bite?" He sounded like he was holding back tears. He kissed my head, gently petting behind open of my fluffy ears, and asking again. This time, I hesitantly reached for the food. I turned it around in my hand, not wanting to even look at it. Mark watched with a sorrowful expression, a single tear falling down. Not once since I've met him, have I seen him cry. And it was my fault. I closed my eyes slightly.
And I took a bite.

Requested by madartydragon.

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