Chapter 7

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In the middle of our nap, I awake to warmness spreading throughout my diaper. I whimper and Calum wakes up and looks at me. "What's the matter princess?" He coos as he picks me up, rocking me from side to side.

I guess he must have felt it because he takes me to my room and lays me down, unsnapping my onsie and undoing the tabs to my diaper.

I whimper when I feel the cold air hitting my skin. "Shhhh I'm almost done, its okay baby." He reassures me as he finishes cleaning up.

Once he's done, he puts my onsie back on and scoops me up. "See that wasn't so bad, was it?" He coos and bounces me on his hip.

I giggle quietly as he takes us back to the room we were sleeping in. He gently lays me down in the middle and pulls a blanket over me. He climbs in next to me and pulls me close to him. I fall asleep listening to his heartbeat.

The next day, I awake to find the bed empty. Shortly after I awake up, Luke comes into the room. "Hey baby girl, breakfast is ready!" He says and picks me up. We go downstairs and instead of putting me in my high chair, he sits down with me on his lap.

"Hey guys after breakfast, we need to start packing for Bali since we're going tomorrow." Ashton says. The guys all nod and Luke kisses my cheek. "You're going to have so much fun baby!" He coos. I giggle and play with his lip ring. They all laugh. Luke starts feeding me bites of pancake then wipes my face.

Ashton takes me from Luke's lap and brings me upstairs. He sets me on the changing table and undoes my diaper. He wipes me clean and puts a fresh nappy on me. Then he sets me on the ground and let's me play with toys as he packs my suitcase.

Once he's done he picks me up and goes to his room. Ashton repeats the process of packing his suitcase then scoops me up and brings me downstairs.

He turns on the TV to Paw Patrol and sets me on the couch. "Be right back princess." He coos and walks away. Pretty soon I'm too focused on the show to notice Ashton has walked back to me and has picked me up, sitting me on his lap.

I look up when I feel the teat of a bottle entering my mouth. I open my mouth and rewarded with chocolate milk. ( its a chocolate milk party!! Okay ) I look up at hazel eyes staring down at me lovingly. Ashton kisses my head.

"Try to get some rest babe, we have a long day tomorrow." I nod,my eyes drooping shut. Ashton rocks me, quietly humming. I fall asleep thinking how lucky I am to have them taking care of me.


I wake up to the boys rushing around trying to get everything sorted for tomorrow. ( she took like an hour nap ) I yawn and stretch then get up. Calum sees that I'm awake and smiles. "Good afternoon princess, did you sleep well?" He says as he picks me up. "Yeah" I said. I cuddle into his chest as he takes me upstairs.

We enter my nursery and he lays me down on the changing table. He changes me into a fleece onsie and picks me up. We go back downstairs where the rest of the boys are.

"Baby! There you are!" Michael exclaims and takes me from Calum. He walks to the couch and sits us down.

He turns on the TV and the teen wolf comes on. He snuggles me into his chest as we watch the show.

After 2 episodes, Michael picks me up and goes to the kitchen where the rest of the boys are cooking dinner.

"Is the baby hungry?" Calum coos as he walks past us, ruffling my hair. I blush and hide my face into Michael's chest.

Michael's chest vibrates as he laughs. He walks to the table and sets me down in my high chair. I pout at him but he just chuckles and tickles me. I giggle as I squirm and try to push his hands away.

Ashton comes to the table and sits down looking at us fondly. I smile at him and shove Michael's hands away.

Calum and Luke come out of the kitchen and set down plates of hot dogs and went back in the kitchen for drinks and sauces.

Michael sat in front of me and began feeding me. Luke and Calum come back with ketchup,mustard, and water. Luke hands me a sippy cup and smiles at me.

I finish eating as Michael wipes my face and unbuckles me. "I'm gonna go give her a bath." He says.

He carries me to the bathroom and sits me on the closed toilet seat. He adds hot water and bubble bath to the tub then undresses me and puts me in the tub.

He washes my hair and body while I play with bath toys. Pretty soon Michael gets me out and wraps me in a fluffy towel and sits me in his lap and dries me off.

He carries me to my room and lays me down on the changing table. He rubs my stomach as he changes me into a diaper and one of his shirts.

"Wanna go downstairs and say ni-night to the boys?" He asks me as he picks me up, slowly rocking me from side to side.

"Yeah" I say as I rub my eyes and yawn. Michael smiles and rubs my back as we walk downstairs to the other boys.

Luke, Calum, and Ashton are watching how I met your mother when we come down but when Ashton sees us he pauses it.

"Taylor wanted to say goodnight to you guys." Michael coos. The other boys stand and hug me and kiss me.

"Goodnight baby girl." They chant.

"Get ready to wake up early princess." Ashton says and kisses me on the forehead.

Michael walks me back upstairs and goes into he nursery. He gently lays me down in my crib and puts scar in my arms.

"Goodnight baby,love you" he whispers before kissing my forehead and slowly retreating to the door.

I fall asleep with a smile on my face thinking of the vacation we're about to go on.

Michael's hair is amazing, I died then came back to life then died again when I saw it lol.

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