Long may she reign

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*Victoria's P.O.V*

'Your majesty, we shall be at the French Court in a few minutes.'

'Thank you, that will be all'

Gently, I pushed a piece of my long blonde hair behind my ear, it cascaded down my back in long, loose ringlets, my blue eyes were almost piercing, so blue they could cut right through you.

I was heading to French Court, to see my elder step sister, Mary Queen of Scots. She was living in France, engaged to the Dauphin, Francis.

My background is rather confusing. My father, King James of Scotland married Marie de Guise, and had Mary, he soon left Marie and married the Queen of Spain, Queen Rosaline. However, my father soon died a terrible death, after Rosaline had me, leaving Scotland to me and Mary. My mother, the Queen of Spain, soon remarried, The King of Greece, King Arius, although Arius died a few months later, and as he had no siblings and no heirs, he told my mother he wished to leave Greece for me. So, as I am 17, my mother will rule Greece as their Queen until I am of age. My mother is now happily remarried once again, to King Nicholas of Russia, Nicholas owns most of Italy so my mother rules along side him in Italy, and as Nic is an only child I am the next heir to the thrown, although I imagine that my mother and Nic are soon to have more children.

Making me, Victoria, Queen of Greece, Princess of Spain, Russia, Italy and Scotland.

My carriage came to an abrupt halt, forcing me forward in my seat.

'Your majesty, forgive me. We have arrived at French court.' My driver smiled as he opened my door.

'It's quite alright Eugene.' I nodded gracefully, as he reached out his hand to help me out of my carriage.

'Please welcome, her majesty Victoria; Queen of Greece, Princess of Spain, Russia, Italy and Scotland.'

I stepped out of my carriage, my feet landing gently on the French ground. My eyes rising to meet the royal family who stood proudly before me, along with my dear sister.

'Victoria!' I gasped as my sister ran to me, pulling me into a tight but loving hug, her fiancée moving to stand behind us along with the King and Queen.

'Mary! Oh! it's wonderful to see you again' I had not seen my sister in a long time, she had spent most of her life at a convent, as Marie De Guise wanted to keep her safe.

'It's a pleasure to meet you, your majesty, I am Henry, King of France.'

'As it is you.' I smiled, shaking the Kings hand as he took a step back.

'I hope you shall be happy here! I am Queen Catherine of France.'

'It is a pleasure to meet you, I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me into your home' I nodded, as the Queen pulled me into a hug.

'And you must be Prince Francis of France? My sisters lover?' I smiled, glancing at the blonde haired boy stood next to the Queen.

'That would be me Princess.. I mean, Queen' I nodded at Francis. Pulling away from our hug, only to lock eyes with a young man with the same piercing blue eyes as me. Moving away from my Sister, I stepped closer to the man.

'What a pleasure to meet you Queen Victoria, I am Sebastian, the Kings... bastard son.' He smiled, bowing before me.

'There is no need to bow before me. The pleasure is all mine' I nodded, as Mary gently took my hand and lead me away to my chambers.

'I just wanted to let you know that you must be careful of what you say. Everyone here in French court is afraid of you. You have the power of five countries behind you while France is slowly crumbling.' Mary sighed, sitting down on a chair to the left of my room.

'A lot of people are afraid of me Mary, but I do not mean any harm to France.'

'I mean no harm when I ask this, but why are you here? should you not be looking for a King to marry? To secure alliances?' Mary asked.

'My mother is confident that Greece, Spain, Italy and Russia have enough allies. As for Scotland, she can see that Marie De Guise does not wish for her help. My mother does not wish for me to marry a King, she wants me to fall in love and marry for all the right reasons.'

'Marie De Guise does not want to seem weak, in asking the women in whom her husband left her for to help her. Scotland is at war with England, and while I am here trying to secure French allies, France is hesitant. As your sister I ask for help, if not from Spain, Italy and Russia then for Greece, a country in which you fully rule.' Mary cried, standing from her seat.

'Greece still belongs to my mother, at least until I turn eighteen. My duty is to Greece, my mother rules Spain, Italy and Russia while you rule Scotland. I will not marry a King to secure Scotland more allies when my country is secure. Marie De Guise would not wish for my help, she believes I do not deserve to even be Princess of Scotland. In her eyes I am a bastard child, she would use anything to get me away from the throne.' I yelled, standing in front of my sister, the power of five countries shinning in my eyes.

'When your mother dies you will rule Greece, Spain, Italy and soon Russia! And when I die Scotland will be yours. Do you not think you at least owe it to Scotland?' Mary yelled.

'I do not owe it to Scotland to put my other countries at risk! Greece is fighting wars of their own, and I will not risk my soldiers to fix your problems! Greece is allies with Spain, Italy and Russia but not Scotland! The people of Greece will only help Scotland when I am on the throne! They are against every thing you and your mother stand for!' I Cried, walking towards my door and storming out, Mary hot on my heals as we approached the throne room. Storming inside, everyone turned to look at us.

'The people of Greece bow down to you as if you are a God! They will do what ever you ask! It does not matter what Mary De Guise wants! My mother is not Queen of Scotland! I am! And as the Queen of Scots I am asking for the help of you, your mother and the countries that you rule!' Mary yelled, as Francis began to approach her.

'The people of Greece will not be putting themselves at risk for the country you rule! I will not ask Spain, Italy or Russia to fight for Scotland, Marie De Guise will have them cut down, Scottish armies will start war with Greece or Spain or Italy or even Russia because they do not like my mother! Scotland is one of my countries and my duty lies with it! But as a Queen and a Princess I have to protect all of my countries! So Mary, Queen of Scots, your ally is France, and sending any other country to fight for Scotland shows that your alliance with France is made of hollow promises!' I yelled, as the King and Queen began to approach us, Sebastian hot on their heels.

'Our father died for you! He left everything to us! He wanted us to protect his country! And Marie De Guise wants the same.' Mary cried, as Francis began to walk between the both of us.

'Is that why she sent you here? Mary! She sent you here to marry Francis, to marry France and use France to protect our country. She has not once asked for the my help. Our father did not die for me! He died for his country! A country that you have left to fall on their feet and beg for help because you cannot find it!' I yelled as Sebastian gently took my arm.

'He died so you could rule! If he was still here you wouldn't have Spain, Italy, Russia or Greece at their knees, kissing your feet! If Scotland has to go to war with Greece to prove they are stronger than ever they will!' Mary Screamed, as Francis pulled her towards the door.

'And I will watch as Greece buries Scotland just like they did with Germany and Italy. And when it is over, Scotland shall be under my reign. The reign my father wanted!' I laughed, storming past Mary and following Bash towards the stables.


So, I recently started watching reign and decided I wanted to try something new.

Obviously this is a completely different style of writing for me so I apologise if you don't like it.

Most of this is prewritten, so I plan to see how this chapter does before posting the next one.


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