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*1 month later*


"Mel where the hell you at?" Kaiden fussed and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm out. I wouldn't have called to check on you if you were gonna fuss."

"Out where?"

"I'm at a car dealership now. I left this morning and got a bank account set up first."

"Why you ain't wake me up?"

"You was sleeping peacefully and plus I just wanted a peaceful day alone. I rarely have these. I been locked up 8 years and been in the hospital 3 out of the few weeks I been out."

"Mel you ain't even healed."

"I'm alright. I'm not overdoing anything. After I leave here I'm gonna go get my hair and nails done and then I'll be back."

"Just hard headed. Keep texting me so I know you aight."

"Alright." I chuckled. "See you later."

Before I put my phone away I sent him a text.

Hello, it's me. - 11:33am

Kai 🙄- Okay Adele. What kinda car you getting? - 11:33am

Something cheap. I ain't balling being that I ain't working. So I'm getting a nice little Kia. - 11:34am

I sent the text and then shoved my phone into my pocket.

"Hi, I'm Ronda can I help you with anything?" The salesperson approached me.

"Yeah I'm actually looking to buy two cars. Nothing fancy. One for sure will be a Kia and the other... whatever a guy would like."

She smiled snd quickly turned heading in the direction of these black cars lined up and I was right behind her.

"For this guy, how about this 2011 Ford Fusion. Easy car to maintain, nice on the eyes, not too feminine."

"How much?"

"Currently running for $15,000."

I analyzed the car for a bit thinking if Kaiden would actually like it. It'd definitely be an upgrade from what he has. As I was thinking I felt a growing pain in my stomach and knew I'd have to wrap this up quickly because I didn't take my medication.

"Okay I'll take it."

"Great, now for you. You were thinking a Kia?"

"Yeah, something small and girly." She nodded as she took the lead to the opposite side of the lot to where the Kia's were located.

"These are our options for Kia's, anyone catch your eye?"

"Yeah this green one. How much?"

"$12,500 and it's a 2013."

"Can I test drive both cars first?"

She nodded and left getting the keys for me to test drive. Both cars drove smoothly and you could tell they both were new and unused. They were extremely nice for the price as well.

"Not bad. I'll take them both and I'm paying cash. Credit card hasn't came in the mail." I chuckled.

"No problem. Follow me." We entered the dealership building and entered the room where I'd be filling out the paper work. She pulled out a stack of papers and handed them to me along with a pen.

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