Chapter Thirty-Eight

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"Is there something to celebrate?" Febe asks as she sees our big group. "There is indeed!" Daley exclaims. Febe smiles. "And what's that?" "I am better" Daley says, pointing at only one bandage left on his body. "And also, I am published. My book came out yesterday." "That's wonderful, congratulations! Where can I get it?" "I brought you a copy" he says and gets an issue out of my handbag. He may be very metrosexual but he does refuse to carry his own bag and always uses mine because he claims things for three different people would fit in there.

"Also, MB now officially has meet-ups" I add. "And my new friend, Cora, is meeting everyone else." "Rita and I have officially been dating for three months" Wes announces. "And neither my or Daley's relationship have failed so far" I grin. "And I have never had as many photoshoot offers as I do lately" Oli says. Febe claps her hands together. "Food is on me, all of that is something to celebrate" she says, making her way back to the kitchen. "You're the best!" Daley and I shout after her in unison and then high-five each other.

"Today, Mrs. Fisher at school said that she highly respects me and Mel for what we're doing and coming from her, that means something. She said she's like super proud." "And what does Mr. Tarker think?" Daley asks, mocking the name with a funny voice. I shrug. "I don't care. He's probably just jealous. But I'm glad that my class will never have to have him again, at least not as I'm still at our school." "So, who has read my book yet?" Daley asks. "I have" Helen says. "And I loved it but you know that." "I read it piece by piece when you were writing and you know I love it too" I say and pat Daley's shoulder. He smiles. "You girls are the best." "I'm gonna get it after lunch and read it tonight" Cora says. "The way you guys are all praising it, it must be awesome." "If I may say so, it is" Daley grins.

"I think one of the bands I'm working with is going to ask me to go on tour with them" Oli says and suddenly turns to me, the look on his face looks far too serious for just sheer bragging. "And I thought, what if you schedule something with MB and come along with Mel? It'll be during the summer and I mean, you could do meetings all over the place that way." I raise my eyebrows. "That's actually a good idea, we've been thinking about a tour like that and see where we could possibly set up meetings and even MB spaces in other cities." "I think that'd be a great opportunity, gurl" Cora agrees. She's been helping out with MB too and it's been great so far.

Once Febe returns with the huge portions we ordered, I already feel like I'll pass out. "After I'm done with that, you can roll my ass outta here" Cora laughs as if she read my mind. "You can already roll me out of here, I had the biggest breakfast" I answer. Oli rolls his eyes and I laugh. "I'm just joking, I know you're gonna say you don't mind." "If only I was one of those girls who could eat all they want and just not get bigger" Cora sighs. "Same, girl, same" I agree. Febe walks around the table to me and Cora sitting next to each other. "You know something, girls?" she asks. We both look up at her. "Back in Africa, where I come from, big booties and generally big women are considered beautiful. Men think it's hot." Cora smiles. "Off to Africa with me then!" "I think Bev is hot and beautiful" Oli grins and kisses the side of my neck. I giggle and push him away. "Shut up." "Well, you've found yourself a charming young man, Bev" Febe smirks. I lean back head against Oli's shoulder. "I have." He laughs and puts his arm around me.

"So, let's cheer!" Helen calls. "Febe get in here too" Daley says. "To all the amazing people here who just love food" he announces and raises his glass. We raise our glasses too and let them ring together. "To us!"

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