Chapter 9

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Hello! Well this past chapter I really felt it was going somewhere and I can only help but think maybe this is a love story. I just finally noticed it. I really hope you enjoy this chapter. It's not my favorite, but it just reflects on the events. So I hope you enjoy.



Chapter 9


I couldnt believe what just happened. Ben kissed me.

After our little encounter on the roof we walked back down to the main floor only for me to be called into the Captain's office. I saw saddness as Ben tried his hardest to let go of my hand. To tell you the truth I was sad to leave his side. I walked down the hall and kept looking over my shoulder to see Ben still standing there looking after me.

When I walked into his office I wasn't alone. Hal was there. Him and Captain Weaver were argueing over something. When Hal noticed I was there he shut up and sat down on of the stools by the large table full of maps." You needed to see me Captain Weaver?" I asked cautiously. He nodded." You said that more waves of skitters or Mechs were going to show up and they never did. I think you owe Hal an apology." He stated." And why should I? I never said when they were going to come did I?" I stated as I sat down. He shook his head." Exactly. So I don't think I should apologize for anything Captain." I said. He looked up at me." You remind me so much of my daughter. She was just like you. So independent and rebelious." He said looking back down to the maps." Is that the only thing that you wanted to talk to me about or was there more?" I asked anxiously." Yes, Hal is going to be your new partner in Patrols for as long as we're here." He said.

I dropped my eyes to the ground." I don't think that's the best idea Captain." I said trying to change his mind." And why should it be a problem soldier?" He asked. I then came up with an excuse so stupid that I knew I would be teased for." You see Captain I tend to distract Hal. Every single minute of last nights shift he couldn't keep his eyes away from me and he couldn't focus on the task at hand. I literally had to wave my hand in front of his face to get him to call for back up." I said standing up." Very well then. I'll asign you patrols from now on with Ben. Would that be a problem?" He asked. "Thank you Captain. I think that will be better for Hal and my safety." I said. I stood up shook his hand and walked out but just as I reached the door." So , you'll have another shift tonight with Ben so catch your beauty sleep soldier." Captain weaver said." Alright Captain." I said I opened the door and walked out into the hall. I walked back down to Ben's room and slowly opened the door.


When we walked down that latter I didn't expect for it to be sunrise. We had stayed up there all night talking and she actually laughed at my stupid Math jokes. When we walked out of the Janitors closet she was called to Captain Weaver's office for an emergency meeting. It took all the strength I had to let go of her hand. She walked away and I couldn't take my eyes away from her. She looked over her shoulder and peeked at me. I blushed and looked down and walked towards my room.

When I closed the door I found my dad awake sitting on his cot staring the ceiling. He looked at me. He got off his cot and stood there smiling at me." Ben you have a little something on your lips." He said. I wiped my hand through my lips. He chuckled." My Ben got his first kiss today." He said hugging me." So tell me who was it?" He asked." Emmeline." I said smiling at the ground. He smiled." But it wasn't a kiss dad not just one. It was a make out session I just kept kissing her." I explained blushing." Wow. And how did it feel?" He asked." I felt like I was on top of the world dad because she kissed me back." I said. He smiled." Well I'm going to sleep I have a lot to do in the afternoon." He said laying back down on his cot. I walked over to mine and laid there thinking about what happened. It had just been my day. I had the confidence and I did everything right. Now the next step was to ask her to be my girlfriend. I know it's a big step, but I feel like it should happen.

I just know that around her I felt as if the harnessing never happened and that with her I would feel like myself again.


I think it's short and I'm sorry but I think chapters like these are meant to be short. Well thanks for reading and dont forget to let me know what you think.




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